Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A friend's passing

It is a most unsuitable time for auntie to blog but auntie has to make this short entry in the light of the unexpectedness of the event that has happened today.

Auntie has received news that a friend has passed away. Rosemaria Razak - Maria for short- passed this morning of breathing problems. Maria was auntie's friend from TKC. We were in the Red House together. We were not especially close but Maria was friends with everyone. She was the joy-maker of the batch. She loved to sing, was a competitive hockey player and athlete and had a very infectious laugh.

Auntie had not seen Maria since finishing Form Five, until 2006 when the batch had a 20-year reunion. She had looked 17 and had not changed a bit except for having longer hair and being a littler quiter than she was in school.

The news of the passing of someone you know and at a relatively young age always leaves you with a senseless feeling. After the shock the only thing you can do is pray that Allah makes her journey into the alam Barzakh a peaceful one and full of rahmah.



ms hart said...

Ida, we have been rudely shocked, haven't we? Yea, everyone is still thinking of her infectious laughter. Al-Fatihah for our beloved Maria.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Hak-ah, sejak kahwin dia kurang 'havoc' sikit... mellowed down for the kids, agaknya. And since 2007, dia dah pun pakai tudung. She'll be greatly greatly missed...

Anonymous said...

Takziah. May she rest in peace with the berimans...Amen

-che wang cung-