Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Auntie was in an important meeting whole day yesterday and the day before and did not have time to wish a little someone Happy Birthday! So here goes today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY QIN!!!!

Qin with Kakak

Qin with one of beloved 'princesses'

Qin turned four yesterday. Two weeks ago Auntie saw Qin and took the pictures above. What does being four mean to Qin? Auntie nak tag Mommy to answer this question from her perspective as Qin's taskmaster but sometime pushover. Mommy doesn't blog but she can use auntie's blog to do this. So, mommy, when you are ready to give the answers, call me to get the PW.

From what auntie sees of Qin, at four, outwardly she doesn't seem to be into studious stuff (which is a blessing because I think many four year-olds in Malaysia have are already been pushed into academic excellence at the tender age) but surprisingly, she is quite competent in the reading, counting and writing stuff at kindy as evident from some test results she brought home. Still, thank God her kindy does not overly emphasise on these kind of tests for their four year-olds.

Auntie thinks Qin may have developed some leadership qualities because kids at school appear to converge around her and think her opinions and decisions (about play, of course) matter. She is a bit bossy with Kakak so auntie thinks she needs to be 'polished' a bit about this (teehee). She is a warm and pleasant toddler although tends to be initially very shy with new people or people she seldom see (except Auntie, of course). But when she's comfortable with an adult, she is very open about expressing her feelings. She has no qualms about saying "I love you" to Aki and Wan, which sometimes made the grandparents (who can be quite abashed about these things) silently blushed, I think. When she misses auntie, she would on her own dial auntie's number (Mommy has got auntie's number on speed dial and she knows this) just to talk and tell auntie about her day.

She can identify various emotions of adults around her. She said: "Mommy, Uncle AH tu kelakar la..." when she realised that Uncle AH was pulling a fast one on her on the phone. Qin observes detail things around her. She asks questions that baffles her like: "Mommy, kenapa Auntie Ida call Uncle AH 'abang'? Kan daddy yang "abang" [to Mommy])?"

In short, Qin is a generally well-rounded person for a four-year-old and Auntie would not have her any other way.



mamachupan said...

Happy birthyday Qin!

ms hart said...

Happy belated birthday to pretty little Qin! Ahhaaaahhh...macam sama aje perangai Qin ni dgn yang birthdaynya 17th Nov...tu...yg kat rumah aunty tuuuu..*wink wink

AUNTIDA said...

Tati, maklumlah, sama zodiac. Aiseh, susah la pulak mommies and auntie nak matchmake sebab dua2 bossy, nanti porak peranda plak rumah tangga. Auntie and mommies jugak yg susah.