Monday, 5 January 2009


No, no. This is not turning into a kinky blog. Auntie saje je boh gambar birthday cake yg AH probably secretly wished for! Hehehe. Well, he may also wish that he woke up on his birthday and saw Auntie in the image of this particular cake, but sorry honey, you will have to wait 100 years, perhaps, when Auntie dies and goes to heaven and Auntie could get to have any kind of body Auntie wishes for (so, darling, tunggu la Auntie kat luar pintu masuk syurga tu yek? Nanti kita dating-dating- [private joke!]).

Anyways, as the entry title indicates, it's AH birthday. He's 42 today. But 12 in spirit and temperament. Which is why Auntie will not lose the tag Baby Besaq that Auntie gave him just yet. Auntie's present for AH is to bake him some black pepper lamb pies (kalau jadik nice, recipe will be shared later), buy him 3 choices of Ayamas chicken, make a nice ala-Mexican dinner from the chicken and some tortilla bread and perhaps for dessert feed him the 4-day old blueberry cake (that auntie bake for badak's new year party) with whip-cream topping. All of these are still in the planning and preparation stage and after blogging this afternoon Auntie will go home and try to execute them. Nasib baik Auntie on sabbatical leave and can do all this on a working day without too much of a hassle.

Will try to take pictures of the 'birthday proceedings' and post them later.

As a tribute to AH (selain dari lagu "Dua Insan" yg auntie post previously), auntie nak list 10 things Auntie love enough about AH to continue celebrating his birthday with him till the next 50 years of more if God allows us:

1) His comic ability. Despite Auntie's external demeanour (yg semua org kata garang!), auntie adalah org yg suka kepada sense of humour and auntie finds AH emit just the right kind of humour at the right time to ensure Auntie's life is filled with laughter.

2) His considerate-ness. Walaupun AH will always think of his own comfort when doing things, he also never forgets other persons' comfort. He puts other people's comfort at the same level or higher than his own.

3) His serenades. Yes, setiap malam, AH akan serenade Auntie dengan lagu2 buatan sendiri. Walaupun Auntie buat-buat benci sebenarnya Auntie suka. This is where the ilham for the "Dua Insan" lyric versi Shrek comes from.

4) His cluelessness. AH is clueless about most things that has numbers so that's why Auntie controls the purse. Which suits auntie jes fine. Kekekeke.

5) His massage-friendly hands. AH is the best masseuse for Auntie tapi dia MALAS! Atau pon sesi massage selalu hanya 2 min dan tangan dia mula nak buat benda lain...(yg ala2 X-rated!)

6) His food-tasting expertise. Semenjak kawin, auntie ada ready-on-hand food-taster. Tapi susah Auntie nak tipu ingredients coz sekelumit kurang butter pun AH boleh rasa. Walau bagaimanapong, AH akan merajuk kalau tetiba Auntie bake because gang badak nak buat party and dia cuma jadi tukang rasa jek.

7) His affinity to kids of all ages. Auntie just lurv how AH genuinely loves children. So, may our doa for one of our own dimakbulkan Allah soon.

8) His understanding of Auntie's world and quirks. ie, auntie's passion for professional work, volunteer work, badak friends, sudoku, berangan, do big-job lama2.

9) His gender-sensitivity and sense of fairness. He has proved this to Auntie time and again in both our personal and professional lives.

10) His unconditional love for Auntie. And Auntie thank Allah boundlessly for this.



getoffmyface said...

HAPPY BESDAY ABANG HENSEM ....semoga sentiasa cute dan gebu dan cung dan tahan kena siksa oleh ku...HA HA HA.....semoga kehidupang sekeluarga sentiasa dirahmati dan diberkati Allah. Ameen

-che wang-

mamachupan said...

Happy birthday Zach..! Semoga there will be little zachs and little idas soon, I know u both will be absolutely wonderful parents.. Eh bila kita nak sambung sesi kaunseling bab 2 dan seterusnya..??? hehehe..

Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Happy birthday to Zack. Bila nak turun Shah Alam? Kita Karaoke sambil BBQ.