Sunday, 7 September 2008

Do you really know the person you marry....?

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Me-na-pe (ini adalah cara seorang cikgu auntie kat sekolah dulu cakap mengapa) auntie buat tajuk entry so suspen-syen ni? No, auntie did not have a big fight with AH. In fact, the first week of fasting month have been the most peaceful of all the times we've had semenjak kahwin. No whacking out one another at all. And Godwilling, this will keep for a few more weeks. And although it is the time of the month for auntie, so far it has passed without auntie feeling like cekik-ing AH or other people at all.

Anyways, auntie buat entry ni coz AH tak bagi auntie buat entry pasai apa auntie masak for AH for berbuka today. I don't know where he got this silly notion that auntie will only cook for him when auntie feels like "entry-ing" the dishes into auntie's blog. Silly, silly man...!

AH kata, kalau auntie so much as try to mention the name of the dishes auntie cooked for him today, he will do unmentionable things to auntie. So, since auntie tamau kena geletek sampai tergolek, auntie terpaksa la refrain. TAPI, auntie ada cerita yg lebih interesting for the entry. Yg pasti, cerita ini pelakon utamanya adalah..kahkahkah..AH. Like this...

One fine day masa we were driving back from tesco (or somewhere else, not important), we passed the building of the Regional Centre for the teaching of Science and Mathematics or RECSAM for short. This is actually a centre where Sci and Math teachers go for courses etc. But that is also not important for this story. But what is more important is the word RECSAM pasted out on the concrete wall of the gate to the building AND this revelation:

AH: Yang, tau tak between 1979 and 1995 there was something wrong with the sign RECSAM?

Auntie: (thinking that i'm in for an interesting history lesson of Penang) Ye, ke, Ling? Apa dia?

AH: For a long time huruf C dia senget. Tahun 1995 baru la diorang betulkan.

Auntie: Oooooo (thinking if I should make comments about how inefficient the local government is in repairing government buildings)

Long pause. Then...

AH: Yang...., tau tak siapa yg bagi senget huruf 'C' tu?


Kalau ko cakap macam tu, ko ingat aku akan ingat sape yg buat?


AH: (tersipu2), Alah, abang baru darjah 6 masa tu..

Macam ni citernya. One fine day in 1979, AH and his classmates kena pi buat apa tah kat RECSAM, pastu masa nak balik tu depa kena tunggu bas depan gate. My curious other half ni pegang2 lah huruf RECSAM kat concrete wall tu, tetiba poop! hurup 'C' tu tercabut. Dia terai la letak balik and tersangkut la balik tapi tak sempat nak bagi straight, bas dah datang, so dia kena naik bas. Semenjak hari tu sehingga la tahun 1995 when the sign was repaired, AH was internally tortured each time dia lalu depan the building and saw the senget C.

And he only tells me this after four years of marriage. I wonder how many more secrets he has. Hmmph...

Talking about being in standard 6, auntie nak wish Shasha and Aiman, and any other kids yg auntie kenal and will be taking UPSR tomorrow, a very, very BEST OF LUCK in their exams. For Shasha and Aiman, semoga all the prayers, air yassin, air zamzam and sembahyang hajat from mommy, daddy, umi, ayah and all your uncles and aunties give you strength and peace of mind to go through the exam. Also, semoga dapat juga menumpang keberkatan Ramadhan. Look at the bright side, by this time next week, a big weight will be taken off your shoulders and you'll have a blissful raya ahead. Insya Allah.

BTW, the dishes that auntie cooked for AH and auntie is not supposed to mention in this blog sounds like 'poppy' combined with the short form of auntie's niece, Along's name. The other dish is a seafood cooked with makanan kegemaran kawan baik auntie, Ms Badak President. Ia juga adalah masakan yg ala-ala suka dimasak oleh sorang lagi kawan auntie, Badak3 aka Ms Nyonya.

Selamat berbuka untuk esok.

Babai and Wassalam.

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