Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Two births and a funeral

Within the last week or so, auntie's group of former secondary schoolmates have experienced both joy and deep sorrow. Our joyful celebration is with regard to the births of two babies to two gals in our group, Tatee and Nora (the more vertically challenged of the two 'Noras' in our group. Hehe). Auntie wishes them the best of times with the new family members and may both moms and babies continue to be healthy. CONGRATULATIONS!!

A day after Tatee's boy's birth was announced, we received the very sad news that Maria's (our tall, but now ONLY Maria) dear mom has passed on due to cancer. Her cancer was discovered just a few months ago and from what auntie can gather from Maria's various postings, she and her family have been rigorously seeking and undergoing treatment. Maria is another person in our group who shared a nickname with one other person in the batch. But the other Maria (Rosmaria) 'returned' to Rahmatullah in May this year (auntie posted an entry about this). It was actually almost at the same time when we heard about the living Maria's mom and her cancer. From what I can gather from her postings in the group e-mail, Maria is very close with her mom. Arwah and her dad must have been her strongest anchors especially with giving emotional and other support to her as a single mom. And the loss must be devastating to her especially in times when Maria's health is also undergoing some problems. Auntie prays that Maria and her small close-knit family is able to gather strengths from each other to go through this. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Semoga Allah tempatkan arwah di tempat yg terbaik di sisi-Nya. Amin & Al-Fatihah.

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ms hart said...

Ida, arwah Maria's mom was soooo pretty, I remember that vividly! Her dimple was sweet and her long hair was so lustrous...I remember wanting to be as pretty when I grew up and worked!! Al-Fatihah to arwah.