Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Auntie adalah geram...

...kerana diva-diva contractor auntie cannot stand one another!

We make the conscious decision to contract one person for the renovation and another person for the electricals. The reason being it is probably easier to amend mistakes with renovation than with electricals. In any case electricals have more safety issues than tiling or painting walls. So we need trusted electrical person and we know one already who has been doing the job for AH's family for many many years. We decided not to give it to A Seng although he can do electricals because we just got to know him and good references we got about him are only about tiling, plumbing etc. So, we hired Abg S for electricals.

From day 1, when we introduced Abg S to A Seng dia dah ada attitude towards A Seng. Pastu, masa he was supposed to start working, he didn't so A Seng lost valuable five days of construction work because he could not continue with the walls until Abg S finished with his wiring. Nasib baik he didnt' push for extra cost. Kalau tak harus auntie mengamuk and pi tumbuk Abg S, long friendship with AH's family notwithstanding. We heard a lot of unfavourable stories about Malay contractors and I thought Abg S could prove these stories wrong but of course he has not.

Last week, bila A Seng dah plaster and paint walls, Abg S pi tebuk lubang nak buat wire without consulting us. A Seng mengamuk. Bila we confront Abg S, dia mintak maaf and say he would do up the wall on his cost (but of course at the risk of our walls being ugly because jadi tak consistent ngan A Seng nye work). He also promised that he would finish the work in a few days. So A Seng left him alone and did not continue with his part of the work. Tapi dia tak datang habiskan kerja tu. Masa A Seng was due to come and continue work, tetiba dia mai plak and start nak tebuk dinding lagi and masa paint tengah basah plak tu. So they both almost had a blow up and sape yg kena settle sume ni? This accommodating client la. A Seng was so angry coz Abg S made racist remarks during the battle of words. Auntie rasa mau ketuk kapla dia ngan tukul besaq masa tu jugak. Memang la A Seng pun diva jugak coz sikit-sikit mengadu kat we all, tapi dalam hal ni, Abg S tu supposed to be family friend and he should know la not to cause problems and he jeopardised our project. Auntie memang takkan maafkan walaupun sekarang dia kata dia akan take responsibility for all kerapah yang dia buat. So, in the end, walaupun AH pun rasa mau sepak dua2 contractors dia terpaksa pi pujuk so that depa tak fight lagi. Kalau tak, tak siap apartment auntie.

Auntie sungguhlah geram....

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Anonymous said...

Boss pompuan ahh! Lu tatak patut kutuk gua ini macam. Ini macam kalu gua mogok union satu minggu tak kelja ooo!

Wa bukan DIVA macam itu wayar punya olang. Gua Fung Sa Yuk!

See in in court! Wa ati sudah berdarah oo! Don't call me I'll call you.

Albert Seng.