Monday, 28 July 2008

Hey, I'm no RICE

Heard at Mommy's:

Qin you're such a brave girl...

"Brave" tu apa, Mommy?

"Brave" tu maksudnya berani.

Eiiii, Mommy, Qin bukan nasi la...!

Everyone was guessing what brought this about. Rupanya Qin ingat Mommy kata dia Nasi Biryani, makanan kegemaran Qin.

To Shasha and Qin. Auntie had a great weekend with you guys. With Mommy and Mushu too, of course. Too bad Auntie didn't get to see the other kiddies too. Not enough time to visit la.

Best of luck to Shasha and Aiman for their UPSR trials. Auntie is going to be the bad 'parent' and say, don't get stressed out over it, there are more to life than the UPSR and you'll have loads more exams to go through so, many more 'trials' before you get to be like Mommy or Daddy or Umi or Ayah (if you want to, that is, coz you can also be like Auntie Ida or Mushu, kekekeke). But that's only because Auntie knows both Shasha and Aiman are going to be serious and do their bests whether it's exam or having fun. So, whatever you're facing this year, enjoy being twelve, you guys, and never forget how wonderful it is!

Lotsa luv,

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Makbudak said...

Ida, so funny. Reminds me of my kids!!