Monday, 14 July 2008

Do you want to know what I did last summer? Pt1

Ok, ok, 'peminat2' auntie yg dua-tiga kerat dah dok komplen yg blog ni dah berkapang dan berkarat. Tapi, yg penting, chat box sentiasa active so maknanye auntie masih check blog ni. Keinginan utk update memang membuak-buak tapi as auntie mentioned, got very important report to finish yg boleh menentukan sama ada living room di apartment baru auntie deserve laminated wood flooring or not.

Anyways, sukacita auntie mewarwarkan the report is done. Well, at least the draft that the sponsor may want to suggest change later. But if the sponsor is smart, they would just accept the report as is coz auntie doesn't think any of macai of the sponsor can do better job than auntie, even if they try!

Actually, selepas report auntie masih ada sejuta kerja seperti menyiapkan article for publication (yg boleh memberi sedikit value kepada auntie punya promotion assessment), tapi auntie is going for instant gratification today, ie, blogging gives me more immediate pleasure now than finishing the article, which may give me pleasure in 3 or 4 years' time if I'm lucky.

OK, with that introduction after a long bout of non-blogging, let us see what auntie had been up to. Auntie tau la kita takde summer tapi since some activities auntie for the last 2 months or so involved going to really hot places, kira summer la tu.

What auntie had been up to since auntie's previously meaningful entry (the immediately last entry doesn't count) was conducting an international training in KL. Yes, it was work, but fun nevertheless. Especially because ada unsur2 nepotism dan cronyism. Lihatlah gambar2 di bawah:

Pada banner ni ada nama kursus yg auntie conduct for the international participants.

Auntie in action

Last year masa auntie first conducted this course, ada 3 male participants and they were sooo happening (while the women were not so la, ni bukan prejudice but real experience after spending 2 weeks with them almost day and night). So, this year bila all participants adalah female, auntie telah mula2 groan and moan to AH, memikirkan all the s_it auntie might get like last year. But to our pleasant surprise, all the participants this year were very happening, very much so than the happening ones last year. So, our two-weeks there were full of fun and energy despite being cooped up in -1Celcius room. And when it's time to say good bye, sume orang sedih dan rasa tamau balik. These are auntie's new friends from the course (most in their national costumes):

Yang tepi sekali kiri tu nama dia Juliana dari Ghana. Sorang makcik yg loud dan hip. Bila orang mengantuk dia akan bangun dan lead a dance. Today auntie receive a version of her national dress yg dia kirim through a friend, sooo cun. So, auntie dah ada satu baju raya!

Mengapa auntie kata nepotism and cronyism? Lihatlah tenaga2 pengajar yg lain:

AH, auntie's rounder-half, all nicely scrubbed up

You can't see very well in this tiny picture,
but they were all attentively listening to Sleepyhead

Supaya takde spy Institut Integriti yg question these two people's involvement in auntie's course, let me assure you, the course sponsors are good people and they have already vetted these two people. Everything is above board one.....

Auntie pun dapat la jadi minor celebrity as a result of this course....

Gambar ni dari phone someone.
Auntie tengah bengang because anchors dok
sibuk control handsome and cantik,
tapi soalan sume tak bernas walaupun
auntie dah hantar skrip (seperti yg diminta)!

The participant from Papua New Guinea,
Jenny, pun rasa we could have enjoyed
ourselves more back at the lecture hall.

Radio show was much, much better with better prepared DJ.
Tapi tatau la berapa kerat dengaq stesyen nih (Traxx FM)...

Auntie telah paksa itu DJ give up his seat pour moi...

Activity report akan disambung di lain siaran.......tata!

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