Tuesday, 28 October 2008

October babies

Auntie tau, it is a little late to give tribute to October babies. Auntie started this entry a few days ago but because the internet connection at auntie's office have been extremely slow, auntie gave up the entry. I'm blogging from home today so hopefully this will get through. Problem with blogging from home is that I'm limited with pictures coz most of auntie's photo collection is stored in my computer at the office.

Anyways, two people in auntie's life are October babies. One is mamachupan, who also blogs. Her 38th birthday was on the 3rd October this year. However, since our gang members were all dispersing to our individual kampungs for the raya, we could not celebrate exactly on her birthday. We did it a few days before raya in her house. So, despite celebrating her own birthday, she had to cook and clean up for us. We also did a 'kuih raya baking session' that night and had clean good fun (unlike another post-raya party we had, which is less than 'CLEAN fun', but that's another story). After raya we also present mamachupan with a cake (Samantha, I still owe you for that!) and hopefully she enjoyed it with her small household. Sempena her birthday auntie nak wish mamachupan all the best for the coming years and thank you for being a really, really good friend to auntie (other badaks don't be jealous, same goes to you guys too!)

The other birthday girl was born on the 28th October, 37 years ago. She's Mommy, auntie's non-blogging-but- facebooking younger sister. Amongst auntie's adik beradik, she and bro1 belongs to the batch that got married first, in the early 1990's (about 8 months' gap between bro1's wedding and hers). The other three only got married about a decade later, all within a year or so between us. So, mommy and bro1 is the provider of kiddies to auntie, sleepyhead and bro2 for the moment, until all of us get our own. But of course the kiddies will remain auntie's 'first' children because auntie has had the honour of tukar lampin and feeding each one on of them.

Eh, this entry is supposed to be about Mommy and her birthday. Sorry for the 'detour' about the kiddies.

Auntie could not find latest picture of mommy so, auntie post recycled picture of mommy's previous birthday.

Mommy is a high-flying economist in a prestigious financial institution in the country. Masa kecik dulu Mommy was a small baby because she had a kind of ailment when she was a few days old. But alhamdulillah, she got over it eventually and thrived into adulthood. Walaupun badan mommy kecik, dia berani. When we were little, walaupun auntie badan besaq, auntie takut tengok citer JAWS so mommy selalu kena assign tunggu auntie mandi dekat depan pintu toilet sebab auntie takut JAWS akan keluar dari kolah bilik air tu.

Mommy is a long-time listener and critic/ commentator to all auntie's problems. She's frank and direct like Aki, but auntie appreciate this coz we need this to put our problems into perspectives and who best to do it than your own siblings who knew you since you were in tiny knickers. Mommy is very loving but some time very garang mom to Shasha and Ichkin. She is still trying to provide a brother or two for the two girls to balance out the female dominance in the family so auntie doa she will be successful soon. Auntie still believes that even if there are a few more boys in the family, the female clan will still rule coz we are a sensible lot, pro-active and always deliver what we set out to do. Important traits in leadership.

Anyways, auntie wishes Mommy a happiest birthday this year and many more ahead. Auntie and sleepyhead are 'cooking up' birthday present ideas and hopefully Mommy will like it. Auntie will be over in KL this coming weekend and hopefully we can do something nice together.

Lotsa luvs!

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