Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Eye-witness aka step-by-step account of Ogabang's mee kicap sotong

Auntie tau it's been ages since Auntie blogs but that little thing called FB had again lured Auntie away from penning mundane thots in this space. For that Auntie regrets and will try harder to improve blogging consistency.

What Auntie will do is to take FB updates and turn it into materials for blogging. Semalam Auntie updated on FB that Ogabang intended to cook dinner. Mee goreng kicap sotong. Later on after that, Auntie also posted the proof of the pudding, so-to-speak. So, Auntie reproduces the pics here:

 The mee goreng minutes from the kuali

Auntie had to stop Ogabang from scooping this onto his plate for the pic.

 Close-up to proof the existence of sotong

The garnishes. 
In Ogabang's book it's a almost sin not to have garnishes with mee goreng. So, Auntie selalu being given 'the look' for refusing the asam limau on mine. In Auntie's opinion, things that should be eaten with a dish should have all gone into the kuali with it. They have no business waiting outside :). 

For Auntie's friend Zura who'd like to know how Ogabang concocted the mee goreng above, now Auntie nak give step-by-step account, as Auntie saw Ogabang made it yesterday. Auntie is sure Zura is highly capable of coming up with the same if not better superlicious dish. But here goes anyway:

Ingredients yang Auntie nampak:

Yellow noodles, washed (1 bungkus medium, probably can serve 4 tummies) [Ogabang is very fussy about the noodles. Would only buy from tried and tested vendor. Kalau tersilap beli, will never here the end of it]
Sotong, sliced (yg Auntie kena cuci: 3 big ones, dengan janggut sekali)
Fish cakes, also sliced (optional, according to Auntie but a must according to Ogabang)
5 shallots, sliced finely
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
[Kalau auntie, akan boh chopped ginger as well but Ogabang left it out]
[PS: Ogabang never cooks with electronically blended shallots and garlic. He prefers them chopped. Nasib baik semalam dia tak suruh Auntie chop coz Auntie had a very smart retort already prepared]
2 sudu besaq ground chillies/ cili boh
2 sudu besaq sugar
3 types of kicap (kicap mee, kicap manis and tah apa tah satu lagi, but there were 3 bottles on kitchen top last night)
Dissolve asam jawa in half cup of water (amount of asam jawa kena agak sendiri coz Auntie pi tengok tv sat masa Ogabang prepare this)
garam secukup rasa
tomatoes, sliced kasar-kasar
sawi, chopped kasar-kasar
taugeh [ikut suka]

Cara-cara membuatnya:
1. Heat wok and oil. Tumis bawang merah & putih until fragrant. Add blended chillies. Tumis lagi. [Sambil tumis, sambil komplen coz tumisan dok terpercik kat pakaian]
2. Add sugar to tumisan. Kacau sampai dissolve.
3. Add fish cakes. continue cooking. 
4. Add air asam jawa, then the kicaps. Season with salt and more sugar if needed.
5. Add sotong and kacau.
6. Add tomatoes and kacau.
7. Add noodles and kacau [memang a lot of kacau- ing. For Ogabang, termasuklah kena kacau oleh bini masa dia dok kacau mee]
8. Add sawi and stir.
9. At the very last minute, add tauge so they will still be crunchy bila angkat.

Serve with/ without the garnishes but always with LURVVVVVVV!

Selamat mencuba! 

[Kalau tamau cuba, tapi mau makan, mai rumah kami. Kalau Ogabang in a good mood, maybe you'll get a plate. Kalau tak you'll just have to make do with Auntie's version of the mee goreng, yg akan ditunjukkan di lain siaran. The jury is still out there on siapa punya lagi best].

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LifeBloom said...

Thanks Aunt Ida and her Ogabang :D. I shall try the recipe this weekend and produce report!