Sunday, 26 December 2010

Kalau Allah nak 'tarik balik', sekelip mata sahaja

Nampaknya Auntida is in a very good mood for blogging. 3 entries in about a week! It's the end year. Auntie is feeling a bit restive so thinks it's time to do some updates. Next week uni semester starts so it looks like Auntie's 'new' year will start a week early. Rasanya, 2011 will be a race very much like the last 360 days or so. So, Auntie better takes these last few days of relatively slow pace to update blog. Maybe lepas ni another half year will pass before another entry.

Anyway, Auntie wants to talk about the entry title. Auntie dok reflect how lucky Auntie's life had been in the last 41 years or so. Allah has been kind to Auntie. Walaupun ada ups and downs in Auntie's life tapi mostly Auntie could handle.  There are many heartaches in Auntie's adult life also tapi Allah bagi kekuatan utk take them in my stride and for that I'm forever grateful. Also, there are more good fortunes than grievances yg Allah has given to Auntie and Auntie pray that Allah will only test me with things that I can face, Insya Allah.

As Auntie said, most grievances that Auntie had faced were perhaps too small in consequences to gripe about. Cumanya kadang-kadang kita alpa dan lupa that nikmat yang Allah beri tu, kalau Allah nak ambik/ tarik balik sekejap je boleh terjadi. Contohnya, the smallest of accident can happen and may change things in our life even as small as giving us a little scar on part of the body. Itu kira Allah dah ambik sikit lah nikmat kita. Iaitu nikmat kesempurnaan rupa paras dan tubuh badan. This is what happened to Auntie about two weeks ago. While frying something for dinner, the thong yang Auntie guna, yang ada spring-like thingy tu, telah berjentat (faham tak perkataan ni?) dan quite a lot of the hot oil splashed on Auntie's hand and chest. Luckily Auntie had clothes on that covered my chest (2 layers including 'pakaian kecik'), so the chest was not really hurt.  Tapi Auntie punya left hand was splashed with quite a lot of oil. Nasib baik Ogabang ingat satu petua to sapu mayonnaise over it and Auntida rasa that helped a bit. Tak lah teruk sangat tapi cacatlah sikit tangat Auntie yg gomuk dan montok ini. So, as Auntida said, kalau Allah nak tarik nikmat (anggota badan yg halus mulus- perasan!), sekelip mata sahaja dia boleh (kun fayakun). Nothing can stop perkara tu. So, kita sentiasa kena beringat dan jangan take things for granted. Sentiasa baca Bismillah bila buat kerja dan berhati-hati. Tapi, bila accident dah jadi, redha sahajalah dan berusaha utk pulihkan keadaan.

Okaylah, enough reflection. Now the pics of the aftermath of the accident and its development:


About 20 minutes after incident. Slathered in mayonnaise. Slow sign of redness. 

No sign of injury yet but ada tingly, pedih-pedih feeling.

 2nd day. Starting to blister, so Auntie pergi jumpa doktor and doktor pricked the blisters. Given a round of antibiotics and antiseptic cream.

After a few days. No further blister but skin started to pucker and darken. 

 No pain already but started to get itchy and skin dried up a bit.

After 2 weeks. Some skin peeled off and patches remained on hand. Sangat gatal. The last time Auntie kena burn, it was like 3 years before the burnt patch actually became invisible. 

Anyway, Auntida bersyukur nothing more serious than this happened. Auntie can live with this patch but Auntie sure thinks it's mighty difficult to live without the use of a hand. And may Allah jauhkan daripada segala kemalangan dan kesusahan di masa hadapan. Amin.

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ms hart said...

Ida! Wah..samalah tangan you dgn Ziana Zain! Dia kena air panas masa buat susu anak. Dia tak kesah pun walaupun kalau nyanyi pegang microphone, sure nampak scar tu!;-)

Anyway, kalau takat tangan I ni Ida, dah macam2 scar ada! Ada yang pasal goreng sotong, ada pasal goreng nugget, ada pasal goreng cekodok!! So Ida, kita serumpun gitu!!;-)