Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Kiddies through the years

Auntida loves all Auntida's kiddies and most of them are somewhat attached to Auntida since very young. Auntie was not around them much when Along/ Ya and Aiman were babies and toddlers and their are not so manja with Auntie, but Auntida was always aware of their development.  Kakak aka Shasha and Jijin used to be very partial to Auntida but as they grow, children have their own things and they may find it less needful for an 'Auntie' figure. Auntie is sure they still all have very affectionate feelings towards Auntie.

Auntie first saw Shasha when she was about 3 weeks old. Auntie remembered driving back to KL bringing Mommy and Shasha with Wan and Aki after Mommy's berpantang stay at Wan's.  The first 2 years of Shasha's life, Auntie visited her often in KL so she was close to Auntie. When she could talk, Auntie remembered Mommy telling Auntie that whenever Auntie had gone back from her home to Penang she would keep asking "Auntie mana, Ma, Auntie" [Shasha liked to repeat words like that when she was two].  When Shasha was about 5, Auntie went to visit her in St Louis, USA [she went with Mommy and Daddy when she was about 2 1/2. Mommy was doing her PhD]. Shasha was elated Auntie could spend Raya with her. We had a really good time together and Shasha was so sad when Auntie had to leave.  But both Shasha and Qin [and Ajmal too] do not like goodbyes so they would be stern-looking and devil-may-care when they had to say goodbye.

Jijin also went overseas when she was about 2 [Ayah went to study]. A yr and half later when she came back, she was about 4yrs old. Jijin also became close to Auntie. Actually, masa Jijin lahir, Auntie was staying overnight at Ayah & Umi's house coz Auntie had work around KL. At around midnight, Umi finished grading her students' papers and went up to bed. Barely an hour later, Ayah kejut Auntie to follow them to the hospital coz Umi's water just broke. Within 3 hours of reaching the hospital, Umi gave birth to Jijin. After Jijin balik from UK, Jijin was the youngest kiddies for some time. Jijin came back from UK a few months before Auntie kenal Uncle Z. When Auntie started dating Uncle Z and told him Auntie ada niece nama "Jijin", Uncle Z kata "Ha? Niece you nama Jin?" Pokak badak betui! Actually, Umi & Ayah first called Jijin "Reen" or "Shakireen" tapi Jijin sendiri yg bahasakan diri dia Jijin, so lekat sampai sekarang. Before Auntida got married, Jijin was very close to Auntida and selalu nak tidur ngan Auntida bila jumpa. Lepas Auntida's wedding, Jijin would intermittently came into Auntida's bedroom, looked at Uncle Z and asked "Auntida kawin ke?" Then she would ran out of the room. She looked so amazed :). Auntie rasa she actually wanted to come sleep with Auntie tapi ada satu 'makhluk' besar lain kat sebelah Auntie, mana nak muat katil!  Jijin is a very generous and thoughtful person. She would always save up school money to give as presents to siblings on birthdays. She would make cards for them and include RM1 or RM2 as present. One Raya, she gave duit raya RM2 each to Wan and Aki.

At the moment, Ajmal pun very manja ngan Auntie.  Bila Auntida datang rumah mesti nak tunjuk and cerita apa dia buat. Ajmal is so keletah and tak pelat. For example, he would say his name properly: "A-je-mal". Masa Auntida visit Ajmal kat Kuala hari tu when he finally saw Auntie arriving, dia komplen "Jauh sangat ke rumah Auntida ni, lambat sangat sampai". And then dia tanya "Rumah Auntida hotel ke?" Both Qin and Ajmal thought that Auntida & Uncle Z live in a hotel. For Qin because whenever Auntie was in KL, Auntie selalu stay in a hotel and she would come and visit. Kadang-kadang Uncle Z was also in the hotel room with Auntie.  Ajmal came to Auntie's apartment in Penang. Since dia tak biasa tengok orang duduk dalam rumah tinggi except in hotel, he must have thought rumah Auntie tu hotel.

The most manja of all kiddies, with Auntie, is, of course, Qin. And Qin is very expressive about her feelings. She constantly tells Auntie she loves Auntie. Qin is generally a happy person. She is rarely in a bad mood kecuali bila lapar, panas & mengantuk [sounds familiar?].  She has a positive outlook on things and is a good diplomat [Wan selalu puji Qin for her physically affectionate nature- "Cucu Wan yg sorang ni pandai betul ambil hati Wan. Selalu cium Wan...tak payah suruh"].  She would say to Mommy, "Mommy, your a very good cook...but Auntida makes the best cupcakes!" Masa Qin was about 7 or 8 months old and came to visit Auntida in Penang, Mommy, Daddy and Auntida had to leave Qin and Kakak with Uncle Z for a few hours to run some errands.  Qin loved to sit on Uncle Z's tummy and when Qin merengek and Uncle Z tatau nak buat apa, dia letak Qin in the closet [no danger was caused to kids or animals in this stunt, I assure you]. Qin terus senyap and gelak. Qin suka closet rupanya :). Qin simply loves to bake with Auntida. She's proudly nominated herself as "Mommy's & Auntida's handy helper".  In kindie, teacher commended Qin for being 'diplomatic' and 'having leadership quality'.

All of Auntie's kiddies are quite musical and artistic. Ya, Aiman & Shasha are all interested in musical instruments and are learning to play the piano, guitar and violin.  Jijin used to like to sing and dance and she is also the resident voice-over expert coz she was 'hired' by Uncle Z to 'star' in one of Uncle Z's video productions for a client. Jijin's first job. Qin definitely loves stage performance and had been an enthusiastic participant in kindie's concerts doing the Jai-ho and Mamamia. Ajmal? Well, Ajmal just loves Ultramen and can act the hero movements like a pro :).

All kiddies are growing so fast before Auntie's eyes.  Along, Aiman and Sha are taking important exams this year. Jijin is std 4.  Ajmal does not want to go to kiddie's school yet. But he has some time.  It is Qin's second day of school today. Yesterday was her first. The night before she had to go to school for the first time, Auntida called her to wish good luck and to wish that she would enjoy school. She didn't sound too enthusiastic about it but was not unhappy either. It's like she was taking it in her stride like everything else. Yesterday, Qin called Auntie a few times but Auntie's phone was out of battery and Auntie was out in Tesco. She called home and Uncle Z picked up. Uncle Z said she sounded so excited to talk to Auntida but when Uncle Z said Auntida was not home yet, she sounded so disappointed. When Auntie called back, Qin was already asleep. Mommy said she wanted to tell Auntie how everything went alright in school and that there was an ice-cream man right in front of her school (Qin simply loves food!).  Today also we missed each other on the phone again. She told Mommy that Auntida would have been real proud of her coz she fared quite well in school today. Mommy taught her how to buy food at the canteen. The pick-up and drop-off from-school-by-hired-car trial run also went quite well. Tomorrow Qin will be on her own. Mommy will probably be dropping by only in the afternoon to see if pick up from school is ok.

In a few days, Qin will be an old hand at Yr One schooling. Before long, Ajmal will be totting a hefty Ben 10 school bag to a first day at 'real' school. In a matter of years, Along, Aiman & Shasha will be in college/ uni. Jijin will be taking their place, living the life of a teenager. In a decade or so, Auntie may get nieces/nephews in-laws and four or five yrs after that grand-kiddies. Such is life. If Allah deems it, Auntie may yet get a baby of my own, natural or otherwise, after all kiddies grow up. Or other kiddies from Mommy, Acik Din or Mushu [Ayah & Umi maybe dah tutup kedai]. Whatever it is, Auntie's love for all present six kiddies will surely remain. They will always have special places in Auntie's heart. They have coloured Auntie's life for the past 16 or so years and will continue to do so for the rest of Auntie's life. Auntie is forever grateful to Allah for their presence and to their parents for unconditionally sharing them with Auntie.  May Allah continue to bless them with his Rahmah and Rahim. Amin.

OK, that's the end of reminiscing. Here are some pics of kids over the years, in some-but-not-strict chronological order [pics are mostly of younger kiddies coz older kiddies pics are mostly non-digitalised yet:

Qin in November 2004- a few days old 

 Shasha, Along/ Ya & Aiman. Can't remember how Shasha and Ya got to have 'twin' dresses.  Aiman is 2 weeks younger than Shasha. At the moment, Shasha is the only family member that Aiman has added as his FB friend.

Qin 3 months and 2 days old. This is why Kakak aka Shasha used to call her Chubs. 

 Qin, just before a year old. She had lost her chubbiness but regained it later.

Qin on her first birthday. Pakai topi yg Kakak & Auntida made for her. From Kakak's sarung bantal punya kain perca. Shasha was into sewing at the time.

Ajmal, 2006. A few weeks old.

Dah bulat.

Ajmal with Uncle Zach. About a year old kot.

Qin with Cat Juice.

Ajmal yg nakal. "I'm gonna get ya!"

Qin in Mommy's closet. When she was a few months old, Uncle Z put her in our closet and she liked it.

Qin and Auntida. [Uncle Joe kat belakang]

Ustazah Aryssa Rizqin.

Qin and Shasha. Studio photo in the St Louis. 

Jijin in baju kurung sewn by Auntie.

 Qin, posing.

Qin and Mommy. Qin in one of her not-so-sunny mood. Sebab panas!

Ajmal. Concentrating.

Ajmal. Concentrating again.

Qin in May, last year.

 Kakak, Auntie & Qin, celebrating Kakak's 14th birthday.

Qin, 6 yrs, 1 month and 17 days old. At school, this morning. Silent reading session, 15 minutes before class start.

Good night, my lovelies. Sweet dreams.

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