Saturday, 12 March 2011

Birthday Baking

Hey, it's Auntida's birthday today. Thank you for all the kind wishes from family and friends. Auntie's best wishes was from Wan this morning. Although Wan was a bit hesitant and shy to wish Auntie, Auntie appreciate her effort. Both Wan and Aki were not used to wishing their children or anyone else Happy Birthday but Auntie suppose our enthusiasm and 'make-a-fuss' attitude each time their birthdays or anniversaries came must have rubbed off on them somehow. Since one or two yrs ago, Aki had started sms-ing his children during their birthdays. Wan is a bit of a late-bloomer. Last year she wished Auntie when Aki called to wish (tumpang sekaki la tu :) ). This yr she was bolder. But she made Auntie's day.

Today is also Ogabang's Mak's birthday. Her 75th. So Ogabang belanja Auntie and Mak dia biryani Hameediyah (tapau), which lasted until dinner.

Anyways, the best way to celebrate a birthday, in Auntie's opinion, is probably just to rest and do nothing or do whatever comes to mind during the day. So, Auntie decided to just stay in, watch "Hantu Kak Limah Pulang ke Rumah" (earlier part was entertaining but half way through Auntie lost the plot) and after dinner, do some baking. Here's Auntie's baking results:

'Half' scones. Auntie rolled the pastry a little bit thin, so it turned out to be only one side of a scone.

Butter cookies. Look horrible but yummy! 

Good night, everyone. May Allah bless us all.

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Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Assalam. Kalau turun Shah Alam bolehlah kita org belanja birthday girl. Tak da program di kl time cuti sekolah?