Friday, 28 December 2007

an attempt at blogging

Dik, you tagging me gives the long-delayed excuse for me to blog. i tried it once for a couple of entries and then somehow i lost the blog. it must be somewhere in cyberspace now. i vaguely remember the name 'honeybun' being used or is it the name of abg bb (aka baby besaq)? anyways, my second inaugural blog (is there such thing as 'second inaugural'?) will start with me answering your tag. (this first entry sounds like the blog is only meant for you, dik, but i think you will be the only person visiting it for a long time so, no hal la):

Instructions : **Start Copy**
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

Tagged by - sleepyheadinsurrey

5 things found in my bag... (dik, i have office handbag on weekdays and tesco/ market hb on weekends, so how?)
* purse of the moment: my green bought-in-utah (prolly made in china) leather purse (just to make u jealous, sleepyhead); this purse will also go into the tesco/ market hbag on weekends
* car keys and office keys in one bundle; and only when they are not on the car or in the office
* RM400, 2nd hand nokia flip phone (see, i'm just adding to your list coz malas nak pikir)
* my precious palm top; though i still always miss appointments so now i resort to good old USM daily planner for backup; abg bb is still bugging me for one for himself and reminding me of his coming besday but i'm not paying any attention; i actually gave him a sharp monochrome RM60 organiser for one of his besdays that i bought fr the now extinct macro but it is now gathering dust in his cupboard. the organiser is sooo '90s. hehehe
* hardly used face powder; brand according to what i fancy at particular time and range from yardley (now 3 beauties) to johnson for young girls to lancome (at one time only la); only used when going to meetings or classes so you'll see me in my natural self most times

5 things found in my purse..(my green purse, i presume, coz i got a couple of other purse that have other things, among others dust gathering US shopping receipts of 2001)
* many RMs on a good day; otherwise see below
* trusted credit cards for when RMs are low
* marriage ID for when we want to do naughty things in hotel rooms or just pretending to do so so that the peg pencegah maksiat would come and we could gloatingly show it to them. so there!
* Boring old MyKad where I look so jongos in red borrowed tudung
* TESCO loyalty card (other loyalty card also got but not glamour la to say Nonaroguy loyalty card)

5 favorite things in my room...(same as you, it is not really my room but abg bb's childhood room but i'm trying very hard to colonise it)
* my ucuk aka abg bb (kekekekeke)
* my disintegrating foam pillow
* my korek telinga thingy - don't laugh, you are an avid borrower
* my, yes, it's mine coz i got it since before i got married, ASTRO; abg bb will merajuk reading this coz he's soo into this sharing thing
* my old magazines and puzzle books; at times to be carried into the loo for 'laxatives'

5 things i’ve always wanted to do (for now)..
* blog? maybe, we'll see
* have a nicole kidman's body? well... maybe oprah's on her slim days and only if it doesn't require starving
* see a real life whale and dolphin; they are our long lost cousins what..just look at their shapes and sizes
* karaoke to my heart's content...nobody appreciates the singer in me sob sob
* go to space...NOT!

5 things I’m currently into..
* distressing abg bb
* massage (just had one two weeks ago; really long for another one; abg bb's massage tak kira coz i have to massage him back after that)
* blogging? as above, we'll see
* baking brownies
* eating brownies

5 people I'm going to tag... --> no one knows this blog yet but i will try these people
* the so far non-blogging sister so that she has to blog
* the currently blogging brother
* shills
* the don't-know-if-he-blogs/reads-blogs brother
* sape2 la yg terjumpa this blog

so, sleepyhead, come-on, go to my comment box!



shilla66 said...

welcome to the world of blogging... wa pun tak le rajin menulis, tapi kalau upload gambar memang rajin jugak.. especially gambar makanan. just to show how good we are in appreciating food glorious food.
TAg pun akan dijawap ... bila? hehhe soong..

auntida said...

tenkiu, tenkiu. wa still learning how to put the pictures on. nanti will try. got many unshared pictures in the last year inc alleycats'