Monday, 31 December 2007

What we did in December

Today's entry will be filled with loads of pictures coz i'm teaching myself posting pictures.

First group of pictures will mostly interest family members. It's the PD trip Christmas last week. Didn't get to snap too many coz bz swimming practically half naked in the pool (at least, it felt that way on hindsight). Anyways, here they are:

beach & sea at dusk

glorious food

To be continued....


sleepyhead said...

What, no pics of you in the bathing suit? Hihihi

auntida said...

my pics in the bathing suit are prolly taken by the strangers around the pool. i hope they don't appear in youtube bila k ida masuk politik nanti. abami w the camera pun x sudi amik gambo pompuan german t*t*k putih gebu.