Tuesday, 1 January 2008

More of what we did in PD

I only managed to get very few pics in PD. In any case, no one deemed it fit to take pictures of moi. Also, because everyone was so busy with food preparation and taking dips in the pool and sea.

For me the whole trip began on early morning Saturday, taking red-eye Air Asia from Penang to KL, then waiting for sleepyhead to get me from KL Sentral to go to Kuantan. The original plan was for D & J to bring our precious cargo (read: mon pere et mon mere) to KL in their car. At the last minute (like 11.00 pm on friday), we got news that their car broke down and required repair, so long awaited trip may no materialise if we didn't intervene. Yours truly and sleepyhead became the designated chauffeur with Na offering her car. For a fleeting second, I dreamed that sleepyhead would whizzed through in the CRV (hehehe, as I said, sheepishly, only for a short fleeting second) but of course it was the Waja. Comfy ride nevertheless. We started off fr KL Sentral at 1200 noon and arrived in Kuantan at 2.30pm. Precious cargo were already waiting with bags (and packets of meats, tembosas and other knick knacks) packed ready to be loaded into the car. There is thus no question of staying overnight for a rest. All for the best anyways, since more time for play with the kiddies in KL for wan and aki as well as for auntie and mushu. By 5pm, everyone was in the car and we started the journey. Only a short pit stop at Temerloh. Arrived at Na's at 8pm.

Sunday was a day of lazing and preparing meats for PD barbecue. I thought the ori plan was for Bro1 to do the barbecue but later got news that we girls were the designated 'marinaders'. So, if x sedap, don't complain la.

Trip to PD began Monday mid-morning. For lunch we stopped at EQ Bangi courtesy of Na. Real sumptuous buffet. Regretfully, no pics. Too bz eating. Arrived at PD around 4pm (could have been 3pm if sleepyhead was driving, but hey, wa risk averser what? Some more, got precious cargo in the back). After unloading things fr the car, first thing is food for the elderly and children. Then the pool and the beach! The question became do auntie go into the pool with swimsuit or not. Auntie only brought knee length legging to cover up swimsuit, so upper body is quite revealing. But the pool is too tempting, so auntie decided what the heck. Of course shasha had to talk to auntie in German to camouflage auntie's background :)

OK, enough prose. Here are the pics:

The pool

The 'barbecuer'

Wan and kids

The girls

More of the girls

Mommy and kiddies

Ajmal and Umi

Slumberous Ajmal

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