Thursday, 31 January 2008

Of nests and shelters

Since SH has sort of settled her problems quite rationally and are back as twosome again, auntie wants to blog about nests. As in having a place over your head (although for the birds, of course, the nests don't have roofs). Bro1, sleepyhead and yours truly are in different stages of acquiring our nests. Mommy aka non-blogging sister is a veteran in doing so now and is now happily enjoying her nest with family. The non-blogging (not that we know of) brother has been talking about getting a nest but is still living in a borrowed nest (which is a big thorn in some of our sides, but that's another "Brothers & Sisters" kind of blog story).

Of course ma & pa's nest is the place we all crave to be at certain time of the year when things are bit off with the 'togetherness' thing or just when we want to get away from the hustle & bustle of our lives and the location of own nests. Whatever the stage of dilapidation our pa&ma's nest seems to be heading towards, we have no qualms about calling it our home as long as pa&ma are there.

AH also has a very strong attachment to the nest built by his ma&pa. When we first got married, he would find all excuses to be back there, especially when auntie is not around in our borrowed nest. We are now close to two years living in his ma&pa's nest. Auntie loves living there but, of course, it could never truly be our 'couple nest'. So, auntie and AH are looking forward to our new nest, which is just a stone throw away from AH's pa&ma's nest for emergency situation, but far enough away to feel we are in another place. The best part, kalau gaduh, sorang boleh balik rumah mak bapak dia! And it's not going to be auntie :)

Since auntie's nest is not quite ready to take pictures of, here are some pictures of Bro1's and sleepyhead's soon-ready-to-move-in nests:

Mem of the house

Mushu's newly acquired lawn. What

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mommy said...

wow..lawanye rumah ... tak sabor nak tgk dalam nye...