Monday, 7 January 2008

besday and to gaduh or not to gaduh

BB's birthday came and went with couple celebration must intermittent with couple blow-ups. Blow-up details will be recounted offline. Since the idea was to have a quiet eat in, BB's mom cook lauk and masak nasi and we went out to buy extra lauk. First blow up occur after cake and lauk bought so no celebration in the morning just cold-shouldered dining. Later in the evening baru make-up session (nothing juicy, perish the thought!)and so during dinner, we had cake-admiring-cutting-eating. It was tiramisu from the bakery. Quite nice though. Pictures later. Malas nak download.

Celebration continued on Sunday with Auntie taking BB to lunch. Off to Queensbay Mall we went. Mula2 BB nak pi Manhattan Fishmarket but auntie suggested TGIF so voted for that. BB liked the food and had very satisfying meal. there was a value meal offer. Appetiser, entree and desert for RM39.99 each. Not bad considering appertisers consisted of 4 pcs buffalo wings (whole chicken wings cut in two so 8 pcs of chicken altogether, large pieces of celery and generous soft cheese sauce while desert consisted of talk fat portion of mud pie. auntie chose fish and chips for entree and BB chose rack of ribs. ribs were quite nice but a bit dry. service was good and chips and sauces were served in massive portions. Kenyang sampai petang. so, peaceful sunday....NOT. Before tidur ada big blow-up and both went to sleep facing the other way. i know, i know, orang tua kata tak baik couple go to sleep without making peace kalau gaduh but since when do auntie listen to orang tua :) ? to cut this two-day gaduh story short but this evening everything is hunky dory again.

auntie was a bit worried about qin who was admitted to hospital yesterday evening for tummy bug but mommy just 'chat' with auntie that she is now out of hospital. very brave and no nonsense girl. heard that even the nurse was amazed that she didn't shed a tear when being poked with needles for the drip. put uncle BB in her place and he'll be out like a light, pengsan! (ok ok, i shouldn't tell the world about this coz baru jek berbaik2, kang gaduh balik)

anyways, have a good week everyone!

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sleepyhead said...

gaduh gaduh kan ada 'kiss and make up' tu yang mem'besh'kan gaduh tu...hihihi