Thursday, 3 January 2008

Past pictures

As I mentioned in earlier post (see togetherness and to party or not to party) , there was a decision to be made about whether to celebrate BB's 40++ birthday. Today we have decided that we will put a moratorium on a party. BB feels that he would just like to laze around the house on his birthday and work further on our 'togetherness'. Works for me. In any case, birthdays are not the only reason to party. We can find any reason to do it. And so we will.

I'm posting more pictures today. Old ones though. I'm starting with Alleycats' pictures. We took these when they did a show for the Comm School 35th Celebration end of 2006. Ms Ponti's mom were asking about the photos. I will some day put them on CD and give them to her but I hope in the mean time, if Ms Ponti is reading, she would show them to Kak Z.

The Alleycats guys were such nice sporting people. Here they are:

"Sampaikan la salam cintaku pada nnnyeea...."

"arwah" Loga

K Z queuing for the autog

Pompuan2 plastik di sisi Alleycats

Pompuan2 plastik aka Daks



shilla66 said...

Heppi birthday to BB ...
weh nasib baik dalam gambar tu tak de BB, kalau tak mesti peyut aku and peyut BB laga-laga.... oppssss horror horror

Zach said...

Kao bagi aku kompius! Kejap kao angkat aku tinggi-tingi deng Birthday wish, kemudian kao hempok tsunami aku plak!!! oppsss horror...horror...!!!


shilla66 said...

Wa baru tahu lu boleh access blog ni hehhehe
kalau wa tahu awal-awal before posting.. wa puji sokmo laaaaa