Thursday, 24 January 2008

Of kiddies tea party

On Friday after auntie's meeting, auntie took on the role of substitute parent to Qin (aka Princess Analice) and went to Qin's school tea party. Shasha has all the pictures coz auntie didn't have time to take out my camera out of the bag. School has cute pint size toilet bowls and showers and quite impressive facilities. But auntie was not terribly impressed by the speech of the owner/ principal of the school. I will nevertheless reserve judgment on him. Food served was also not really child-friendly though they are very parent friendly. They are child friendly if you consider all the care the parents and child minders have to exercise in order to make sure they won't mess up the kids. Qin was in her elements running up and down the stairs with dole-eyed Aleesya. Auntie had to keep one eye on Qin while having to talk politics with and elderly neighbour of Mommy. But it was good conversation and a very genuine person the 'uncle' is.

Like Kakak, Qin also goes to Lorna Whiston on Sundays for a 2-hour learning of English the more creative way. Qin now can speak a smattering of suspiciously Cockney-sounded English when she has the mood to do so. Auntie must say, she is sweeter (temperament-wise) when she speaks English. When she speaks Malay, she tends to be more bossy. Or is it just auntie's imagination? Maybe because she's better at bullying kakak in Malay. Kakak knows all the words in English.

Since auntie does not have pictures of Qin's school tea party, here are pictures of Qin and her toys:

This is the room where Qin 'torture' everyone to play with her.

Qin posing for auntie. After that she demands: "nak tengok!" Notice one of her lunyai "princesses" in the background

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