Friday, 25 January 2008

Of Big Bro's Birthday

Saturday 19th Jan was Blogging Brother aka Bro1's 40th Birthday. Now, that doesn't sound too painful does it? AH celebrated it last year and survived. After this it is all down hill from here. Kekekeke.

Despite thinning hair and hypertension and gout here and there, Bro1 is doing ok for a man of forty. Just acquiring nice "picket-fenced" (though very high and made of steel) property not to mention having luvly, easy-going wife and 4 luvly juvvly kids. Some more, pa and ma is taking him to Mekah in May (well, if the two blogging sisters could successfully beg for free air fares, he may have to fork out his own).

Speaking on behalf of all three sisters auntie wants to say that although we appeared not to listen too much to Bro1's good-intentioned advice at one time or another, we would like to assure him that we do respect and love him. But us three being very stubborn women, we rarely listen to our male relatives (inc spouses) coz we believe women are born superior and are more level-headed. Kekekekeke.

In any case, we wish Bro1 the happiest 40th year of his life and may he lives at least another 40 years. Hope he likes the prezzie (which sleepyhead bought and auntie has not paid her half). Also thanks to Mommy aka non-blogging sister for the lovely sponsorship of those glorious food. Also thanks to all the other bros and sis, in law or otherwise, and nieces and nephews for making the weekend a little bit more than ordinary. Here are some pictures:

sleepyhead the prezzie chooser

"little ayah" wanting to get out and be in the limelight too

Anak bongsu....maybe!

After the food...thinking about more?

A precious moment in time
Another one

Yet another one

PS: Poor Ajmal had a temporary celoreng on his face for being a little bit too rambunctious than usual. To auntie, you are still a handsome tot.

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Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Alhamdulillah, syukor kepada Allah yang telah memberi segalanya. Thanks to you my 3 Sisters for the most memorable birthday gift+wishes and makan. May Allah bless us all and give more rezeki in the future.