Thursday, 24 January 2008

Of meeting famous persons

Auntie has been neglecting blog-writing and blog-reading in the past few days because auntie bersukaria sambil kerja di KL. Anyways, auntie will begin with cerita berjumpa orang femes. On Thursday last week, the previously quite famous Kah Zaharah (aka Kak Teh from kaktehchocablocblog) and her now famous husband, Wan A Hulaimi (aka Awang Goneng aka that person who writes on Trengganuspeak on kecek-kecek) were in auntie's place of work. There were presenting their thoughts on journalism and writing to students in the Comm school. In any case, auntie got to spend half a day with two famous people, at least famous to people who blogs and read blogs (other than blogs of brothers and sisters only). Kalau tak tau, depa ni (Awang Goneng to be specific) has written the Malaysian bestseller "Growing up in Trengganu". here's a picture of the book:

The picture of auntie and the famous persons are sadly somewhere in Samantha's camera. Hopefully, she will one day distribute to the relevant people.

PS: Yes, kat bawah buku tu is a copy of smuggled out IKEA catalogue. kekekekeke.

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sleepyhead said...

haha baru nak tanya pasal catalogue curi ittuh! terang2an tulih LOAN. BTW, lps habis baca nak pinjam awang goneng's book!