Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The luvly juvly hubby formerly known as BB

BB is now a frequent visitor of this blog. Last night he so graciously requested that auntie change his pseudonym. BB sounded so much like the four-legged short pink creature, he said. So auntie tanya nak pseudonym apa. Dia kata AH. AH stands for jeng, jeng, jeng...ABANG HENSEM! So, guys, in deference to my other half, from today BB is no more. To be replaced with AH or UH (Uncle Hensem to the kiddies). Apa-apa je le. Tapi kalau dia tak sedaq auntie maybe akan guna BBH sekali sekala coz BB tu ada sentimental value for auntie.

Last night auntie pekena secawan kecik kopi dari Kuala Kangsar. Penangannya sungguh la kuat sampai hari ni rasa soooo awake. Semalam tak leh tidur so at 3am pi visit sleepyhead's blog. Am hoping sleepyhead is feeling better today about being left by Joe to go to work. And hopefully, a chance at a change of employment that is being spurred by mommy aka the non-blogging sister will make things better for sleepyhead and joe.

Friday, auntie has a meeting in KL and is begging a sleepover at mommy's while auntie waits for another conference on monday and tuesday. Am doing a favour to the employer and the environment by not taking a plane back to Penang on Friday night and then travelling back again to KL on Sunday morning (since conference begins late evening Sunday). Hope my effort is being appreciated. Also, hope mommy and sleepyhead have time for lazy romp eating salmon and baking bread or just lying down gossiping about _ _ _ _ bing and the like.

There are more past photos that auntie didn't have a chance to share with family so I'm putting some of them now. Enjoy.

PS: Tomorrow night auntie may be joining my friend Samantha for dinner with Awang Goneng and Kak Teh - two famous couple bloggers. They are giving talks at the Communication School the next day.
PPS: To posa or not to posa tomorrow?


sleepyhead said...

wargh get to meet the celebrity bloggers yah? kalau rasa akan malu untuk gobble food after a hard day of puasa then takyah puasa nanti lapor jek time berbuka hihihi.....
kenapalah ada gambo enche yg boroi tu? overexpose le plok....btw mushu got some ingredients for choc chip cookies so buleh bwk utk baking session jugok

shilla66 said...

betul la tu joejambul yang kulihat tu... hehehhee

sorrylah kalau lu dtg kl pun wa tak de masa nak jumpa sebab wa punya kerja sekepuk... susah dpt subordinate yang kureng ni...
kureng rajin dari boss hahahah

sleepyhead said...

kak shills, itu bukan joejambul itu joejambu....perut yang cikroi ittew sudah menaikkan taraf dia hihihihi