Saturday, 29 December 2007

Togetherness and to party or not to party

For those who have not seen us for sometime (well, maybe all of a week), this is what we have become. Ala-ala together gitu. No smart remarks on bulat-ness please. This have been photoshopped and you have not seen our neck downs.

Anyways, for the uninitiated, one of the persons in the photo is moi and the other is BB (abg BB to some, uncle BB to some and 'adik' BB to yet another). BB's besday is in a week, hence this entry. Do we want to have a party or not? Party for us just means cookout at home and friends over to eat. Family is far (partying family, at least) so there will just be friends. But how many? Sit down dinner or berselerak dinner? The number of people will determine this. Cook sendiri or order from mamak or Pak Mat laksa? Elaborate catering or just drop by at restaurant afternoon of the party day?

Issue with friends is: his friends or my friends? It's his besday but it's my energy. Also, can I do muka plastic ala Samantha Esmeralda aka chewang if got his friends yg x semenggah? We also got mutual friends but donno the status of friendliness between the friends at the moment. Donno la. Got one week to figure out. Last last maybe no party but moonlight dinner tepi pantai. Tu pun kalau no interesting programme on AFC that night. Kalau tetiba gaduh, lagi bes, wa tak yah make the effort. kekekekekeke. BB mesti tak leh ada access ke blog ni. kalau x pergaduhan itu bukan imagined lagi.


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sleepyhead said...

Me still waiting to be the guinea pig for photoshop project ler!