Thursday, 14 February 2008

Of swimming whales and dolphins

Yet another blog title yang mungkin ada or mungkin takde kena mengena ngan gambar2 yg auntie nak post. Susah la nak pikir title blog each time nak posting.

Tapi apa yg auntie nak citer ialah after those daring dips in the pool in PD in December last year, auntie ada rasa sedikit nak bertaubat dari pakai swimsuit ala2 terdedah gitu. Walaupun memang auntie boleh continue and pretend to be a German tourist swimming in the kolam, tapi maybe not a very good example to my darling nieces and nephew. Auntie lebih takut kalau tiba2 terserempak dengan former students dalam kolam tu. Hancus. So, auntie telah splash on a more modest swimsuit.

Anyway, here's what auntie has chosen:

This is of course to be worn with the knee length swimming pants. Although sleepyhead kata ada design yg more Islamic (tutup dari kepala sampai buku lali) and auntie pun dah survey that suit in KLCC (they cost RM300), auntie rasa buat masa ni kealiman auntie takat ni je la dulu. Which is a good leap from my chest revealing former suit, kan? Got one problem though. This suit zips at the back so each time pi swimming kena bawak tukang zip. Ataupun auntie biar unzipped and pretend the bareback is fashion (hehehehe, which of course akan menurunkan kealiman balik).

Eh, i just saw the connection between the swimsuit and the blog title! Bila auntie pakai swimsuit ni and swim in the sea, ada kemungkinan orang or ikan akan mistake auntie for an orca yang terjatuh dalam blue paint. Betul tak?

BTW, 'modest swimsuit' is actually a genre of swimwear fashion nowadays. If you google the phrase, you will get sites that specialises in selling or designing modest wear, and not just religious-based. These are some example suits in the modest swimwear genre. Of course they also have "more modest" and "completely modest" categories.



sleepyhead said...

the life guards are sure gonna miss the cute cleavage the next time you visit huhuhu

shilla66 said...

ada saiz gue tak? gue nak hide peyut tu yang susah ni