Friday, 22 February 2008


Auntie would like to welcome auntie's lovely friend of TKC days to this blog. Ms Hart had her first visit to this blog yesterday and gamely left a nice, warm comment. Ms Hart has her own blog. If you google the title of this blog you'll prolly be directed to her blog (sorry, Ms Hart, auntie's typing this entry while half listening and responding to my students who have come for consultation, so cannot go and do technical thing like pasting your blog url. And in case you think I'm not dedicated to my students, I'm only half listening to them because I already know what they are going to ask and I know the answers in my sleep - that comes from 10 years of teaching and reading students).

Anyways, Ms Hart is a minor celebrity in her own right. She is a frequent writer-contributor to the magazine GLAM. She usually has a whole page designated for her and she writes about her outtake on life in general. Sad to say, auntie rarely gets to read her page because auntie's nearest newsagent do not stock up GLAM. Ms Hart was auntie's compatriot in the school BM debating team in our time. But Ms Hart was (and still is, I believe) the fierce orator, while auntie provided background work with doing research on issues and strategised points of debate. Like Shasha, auntie had (still have sometimes) the case of stage fright. Also, auntie was not all that keen on the conventions of debates like speaking in particular tone of voice and using play of words etc to make points. Auntie's version of debate is usually "hey you, do what i want or else.." . So, that's why auntie was the researcher of the debating team and also devil's advocate during practice.

OK, in the spirit of further extolling Ms Hart's virtue, auntie would also like to mention that Ms Hart was also one half of a famous singing duo of our batch. Her partner shares the same nickname with different spelling (she blogs for the batch) and they were our famous choice of songbirds throughout our five years in TKC. So, sounds like an interesting person? Go google her blog!

And auntie would like to welcome other friends and family who have blogs to "don't shy shy", share it with us. Don't la secret-secret. If we are any worth as your relative or mate, surely we are worthy of sharing your thoughts.

(OK, time to answer students' questions in full).

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ms hart said...

Idaaaaa.......(am sure u know the right intonation to say this!) wahahahaaa...sungguh elu, i, you know....thankslah for the glamour!! daku seorang minor celebrity??? celebrity guannonyo kalu dok terperok kat bank ni cik ida woi.....he he he...awok tu yg celebritynyo...jet-setter lagi!! take care!!