Tuesday, 4 March 2008

long live piscean

Auntie has been in and out of office and home because of work and hardly had anytime to sit at the computer. Auntie also tengah dok pindah office dari office yg auntie pernah dok selama 10 tahun ke office 'baru'. Walaupun auntie dapat office baru about a year ago, I keep putting off moving coz there are like two lorries of things in auntie's old office to move to the new one. Lagipun, new office belum ada book shelves yg proper (very important condition for auntie's line ofwork). So, for the past week or so, auntie has been 'abusing' my privelege of having a kind Research Officer by asking her to help me move my books and kerapah from the office. Auntie is using the "...dan tugas-tugas berkaitan yang lain yang diperlukan oleh Ketua Penyelidik" part of the RO's term of reference to justify this. Getting the books moved is a very 'berkaitan' part of doing research what...? How would we do research if my reference materials are all over the place? So 5 car loads of books and files have been moved and sekarang tinggal kerapah yang tak semenggah seperti kasut2 auntie (yes, kat rumah dah ada sekepuk, kat office sekepuk lagi) and mainan AH yang we all tak tau mana nak letak sementara nak tunggu dapat rumah.

Anyways, this entry is supposed to be birthday wishes to fellow Pisceans. First, Happy Belated Birthday to Shills who celebrated her 4++ (hehehe) birthday on the 1st of March. Shills is in Jakarta, so donno la whether she had a besday bash or not. Shills was a co-president (could be self-elected) of our now-less-active 'badaks' (as in cute-nyeeee) group. Shills also blogs. See my blog list to go to her blog. Her blog always make me hungry coz it's full of pictures of glorious food.

Another birthday wish goes to my dahling Ajmal. 2 years old on 3rd of March. Only person in the family who shares the same star sign as auntie. Ajmal's latest pic (I presume) is in ayah aka bro1's and sleepyhead aka mushu's blogs. Bila party ni? Auntie selalu miss kiddies' besday parties.

Anyways, to the above and all other Pisceans, may we gentle, artistic people live long, prosperous lives. Amin.


shilla66 said...

woitt wooittt i' only 29 forever ...

Anonymous said...

hidup Pisceans!!