Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mommy and London and Hi Intang

Mommy is now regretting giving that sage advice to Sleepyhead and tempias also kat auntie. Sorry, Mommy, auntie dah pergi cancel cuti to London and have already used the allocated money for the tickets to commit myself to nice laminated flooring project for my new apartment. Anyways, even without the advice, auntie would have finally withdrawn from the plan because the ticket fares are actually way beyond what auntie had budgeted. To tak termasuk shopping money lagi. Maybe if Mommy's trip have been in autumn or winter, the tickets would be cheaper. So, hopefully Mommy will get another trip like this in the future.

In another turn of event (hehe, like news plak), auntie would like to welcome auntie's dear friend Intang to this blog. After so many months asking her to visit this blog, she finally conceded a few minutes ago. Pastu siap boleh komplen takde cerita pasai dia. Intang, now that you have started visiting the blog, you may suddenly find too many stories about you plak. In any case, kita kang banyak rahsia rumahtangga yg dikongsi bersama, dan our spouses may have access to this blog, so I have to think real hard before ceritaring about what we are up to at the office (other than pretend to be working, of course).

To the possibly 7 other people reading this blog (4 of them know Intang), Intang is one of the pioneering member of the infamous gang badak, the youngest in the gang but prolly the most sensible. Like Mommy, she's an avid planner and have 35 years of her and her family's lives ahead already worked out on paper (originally, in a series of little notebooks she carried in her handbag, later in her well-used Palm Top). Did I mention Intang is a Psychologist by training and an expert on coping with stress? This also means that we get free related consultation with her whenever we are down in the dumps. AH is also a regular 'client' of Intang and his gripes are, of course, about auntie. Well, he has been warned that the confidentiality therapist-client rule does not apply in his case.

OK, before auntie goes back to work, rasa-rasanya yang mana satu The Psychologist? The other person would be The Garang Communicator.

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