Thursday, 27 March 2008

The nth of the last

Auntie has lost count how many days it was since auntie's besday. A few days ago auntie discovered a few strands of white hair on auntie's head and so tokujut coz selama ini auntie amatlah perasan betapa awet mudanya auntie (well, I'm so self confident about that, I really believed it even though so many tesco young employees called me makcik, Auntie always tell myself that they are addressing that jongos woman lining up behind me and not yours truly). And also because masa auntie potong rambut a few weeks ago nyonya hairdresser baru jek puji tentang kehitaman rambut auntie. Sob! Sob!

Anyways, actually auntie nak blog pasai white hair last week dah but decided against it tapi today rasa terpanggil plak coz kengkawan mengingatkan balik birthday auntie. Petang we were suppose to get together for tea and bila auntie sampai kat bilik Intang, depa rupanya buat surprised besday tea. Tenkiu kengkawan despite the very rushed party (about half hour only), it was very nice and greatly appreciated.

Tenkiu and Sorry Intang kerana mengotorkan alas meja opis you. Since sekarang ni opis auntie agak berjauhan dari Intang's auntie is getting less chance to do our routine winding-down ritual every evening before going back to our spouses and family. That I'm going to miss the ritual is probably a subconscious reason why it took auntie almost a year before auntie finally make any real effort to move. Tu pun still ada dua tiga kerapah lagi kat opis lama. Tenkiu Shaida for coming to tea and also for the lovely impromptu dinner last week. Auntie akan jadi Shaida's neighbour soon and AH is looking forward to getting sepinggan or sepiring or sejuring dari apa yg Shaida masak hari-hari untuk Che Bak, suaminya (nampak sangat AH seorang suami yg deprived).

Tenkiu Samantha kerana teman auntie balik opis lepas korang citer pasai hantu petang2 hari. And tenkiu for confirming opis auntie takdok far. Yes, Samantha ada that kind of gift yang bagi seribu ringgit pun auntie tamau acquire (kalau bagi 10,000 ringgit mungkin auntie or even sleepyhead akan consider coz we are embarking o kitchen cabinet projects, but that's another story).

Anyways, kerana takdak sorang pun terpikir bawak camera yg berjurus sket ke tea party, auntie tatau la bila auntie boleh dapat gambar from camera phone kengkawan ni, especially Samantha yg tak pernah download gambar from camera semenjak awal tahun lepas. So, enjoy la artist's impression of besday cake yg kami makan kat tea party tadi:


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