Sunday, 23 March 2008

Je vais a Londres ou je ne vais pas a Londre, Part II

Despite auntie's systematic analysis using de Bono's (maybe auntie should've just listen to Bono of U2) PMI, Mommy, ever the sensible economist, has reminded auntie and Sleepyhead how money spent on (sic) London could have been more well-spent on decorating and renovating (where necessary) our newly acquired nests. Of course Mommy is genuine because by us not going to London is a big loss to her (she has to be all by her lonesome self there). Although Mommy's sage advice was only for Sleepyhead, lepas check flight tickets auntie felt that auntie has to postpone this trip also. Especially because the fares are sooooo exhorbitant and could prolly be used to get two sets of 3-seater leather sofas for auntie's new apartment. So, maybe auntie akan tunggu sponsored trip to London (which means more slogging away at the grindstone to achieve this privelege), hopefully soon.

So, sorry, my dear kirim la maknanya.

So, these are some of the things to remind us of GRAND OLE LONDON:

The famous t-shirts

There are many things people lurvvvv about LONDON, but these are some of Auntie's favs:

The scrumptious breakkies

Ooooo, i Lurvvvv English muffins

The bland but so beautifully formed crumpets

And scones!!!!!!

The greasy, paper-wrapped fish and chips (not the quaint, yuppy-class one served in American-influnced Malaysian restaurants)

The shopping.....

(Auntie may be pleibian, but these are auntie's fav places, among others)

Of course, you will see auntie stepping into this store from time to time.

In terms of travelling this year, of course auntie has this to look forward to...

(Relaku pujuk hati ini....sob sob)

1 comment:

mommy said...

oh nooooooo! forget that no-good sensible economist...
who needs cost and benefit analysis...
think of the fish and chips! think of the fresh spring weather...think debenhams, think boots, think 4-storey M&S with sales, please please please....