Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The first and the last

Today is the first day of the last year auntie will claim the age 30+. Of course there are many mathematical equations that auntie can use to show that auntie is in fact of school-going age but auntie will not delude herself.

Anyways, thanks for all the good wishes and prezzies either promised or already delivered :).

One of the bestest prezzie is the besday wish from mon cher pere. First time in all of these years. And using technology some more. Here is his sms:

Selamat hari lahir bak dan mak ucapkan dlm prjalanan k trengganu dgn din
Well, never mind that only half of that sentence is a wish. It is still soooo precious.

Other smses include:

From AH:
Appy Bes Day Ngok Ngek Abung! I Lap U.

Earliest sms for the day from Samantha:
Chor, happy almost 40... (all nice polite wishes)...Do safe sex wakakakaka
My response:
Tenkiu. Sorry late reply. We were having veryyyyyy safe sex aka kroh kroh (zzzz to the uninitiated)
Intang, Samantha, Shills, Noya & K Nor, thank you always for sesama memperingati besday masing-masing. Dah dekat2 senja ni memang selalu ada yg terlupa: "Eh besday badak A, esok ke ari ni?" "Dok, bulan depan la sudin...."

Gambar bersukaria besday akan ditunjukkan bila senang. Sekarang kena balik utk mula celebration ngan AH plak coz pagi tadi pi kerja subuh sepihi. Babai.

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