Tuesday, 5 January 2010

100th post and a day for Ogabang

Auntie said Auntie is keeping the 100th post for a very special day. It is today the 5th of January. It is AH's birthday and Auntie would like to officially change AH's pseudonym to OGABANG. Most of auntie's clan members and friends already know what this new name means but for 1 or 2 persons who still read auntie's blog but not in the loop, Ogabang is a derivation from OGAWA+ ABANG.  This is because Abg Hensem (AH) is currently, when he is not too cranky, auntie's version of the Ogawa massage machine.

Ogabang is 43 today though he looks like a 430 yr old Santa Clause. Auntie loves him all the same. He was already an 'old model' when auntie got to know him so auntie tak nampak sangat la the difference in him between now and 5 yrs ago except for the widespread white hair and girth. That's probably one of the advantages of marrying when you are a bit more mature in life. You can't complain about your spouse's appearance because you can't really compare dengan time dia muda belia dulu. You accept him, warts and all, physical wise. Of course kalau perangai macam boil on the butt, tak boleh accept la. Luckily Ogabang is far from being a boil. A small acne  on the cheek sometimes, maybe (sbb whiney bila lapar, panas and mengantuk) but most of the time Ogabang is a pleasant, thoughtful and considerate person.

We celebrated Ogabang's birthday with friends on New Year night, when we have the planned badak party. We surprised him because he thought we were going to surprise one of the kiddies with a birthday party. So when we started singing Happy Birthday, Ogabang sang along and said Ehsan's name and tekojut bila tengok kiddies nyanyi for uncle Ogabang pulak. Anyways, most pics at the party was from Samantha's camera, so here they are as auntie 'curi' from Samantha's fb:

 Birthday cake for Ogabang- dibawa oleh Nyonya and gang- Chocolate Indulgence

  Birthday cake tinggal setengah

 Ogabang tak peduli pun kat cupcakes auntie coz he said he didn't fancy all the banana and carrots in them. He only likes plain butter cake. Nanti berjanggut dulu la baru dapat bang...Eh, memang dah ada janggut dah kan?


The birthday boy on new year

And here are a few of pics of Ogabang in various stunts pre-birthday:

Goofing around

 Ogabang's weekly date is the Mamak Mee who serves this plate of Mee Mamak

 Happy when Auntie can join him

After the date, Ogabang happy, Mamak lagi happy.



Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Sampaikan my wishes "Happy birthday Ogabang",
43 tu muda lagi. Lelaki tak ada expiry date. Probably years not so important but the way we live the years... Anyway semoga Allah memberi keberkatan dalam kehidupan, kesihatan yang baik, kecukupan uang dan umur yang panjang untuk terus menjadi khalifah. Bukan khulafa, restoran mamak kat seksyen 7 shah alam...

mamachupan said...

Happy birthday ogabang! Zach, u adalah jejaka paling popular di Halaman Sentosa.. Mereka sangat happy kalau nak pi visit Uncle Zach! hehehe..