Sunday, 24 January 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping!

Alhamdulillah, things start a little bit more prosperously for Auntie and Ogabang this year compare to last year.  Not that last year was a bad year. On the contrary. However, beginning this year and at least for the next 3 yrs, Auntie has been given a little bit more responsibility in the workplace than before. In terms of work, this means much more time spent at the office and away from Ogabang but there is also that tiny bit of reward for us to enjoy some things life has to offer. In a moderate manner, of course.

So, since Thursday until yesterday, Auntie and Ogabang thought that we should spend some time surveying and making decisions about an item that we have been contemplating getting for some time. However, as always with Ogabang and hot weather, busy traffic and empty stomach, shopping trips would bound to be a laborious venture (as opposed to an adventure). Our shopping outing for the 'item' was amicable for the first 2 days but things got explosive yesterday and required the two of us to do a lot of cooling off.  But luckily, by late last night, we managed to re-establish some semblance of peace and as a reward for ourselves for not killing one another, we thought that we should indulge in these items:




Hehe. These are things we got ourselves today. No, it was not an impulse thing.  Both our mobile phones are at least 4 yrs old and we've been thinking about a change but  had  been putting it off. But Ogabang's dad have been thinking about getting a basic phone for himself to use when he needs to make the trip to the hospital for Ogabang's mum. So, we thought that we could give him one of our phones (since they are truly basic) and buy ourselves new ones. Actually, Ogabang was supposed to give his to his dad and buy himself a new one, but tak kan Auntie tengok je kan? Mesti la auntie nak phone baru jugak. We decided on something modestly priced and we saw a good offer in Giant's pamphlet for some 'branded' phones. So, we went to Giant to look at the deal but the service people in Giant was quite rude and dismissive so we decided we will shop elsewehere. And before we left Giant we gave a piece of our mind to the Assistant Manager. Auntie hopes he does something about the complaint or else they will lose another customer. This was not the first time Auntie encounter s service like this in Giant.

So, after that unfortunate start to a 'shopping spree', we thought we'd go and find out if our other  more favoured hypermarket have anything to offer. In TESCO we found something that suits our needs and is a better deal than Giant. So, big loss to Giant! Anyway, our purchases are not exactly back-breaking spending. Auntie's kiddies may have phones that are far more expensive than what we bought. But at least Auntie could now store more than 200 contacts in Auntie's phone!

And the item that triggers this spending? We may be making that ultimate new year purchase very, very soon. Here it is:

Both Auntie and Ogabang are pretty easily pleased. So, those Malaysian-made phones and car are enough to make the beginning of our new year that bit more pleasant.  Thank you Allah for Your bounty. And thank you our mums and dads, siblings and friends for their boundless doa for our success and prosperity. Amin.


chu said...

so bila boleh rasa naik keta baru??/ heheheh

Anonymous said...

hehe, hopefully before chinese new year.


Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Boleh balik Kuantan Raya Cina ni naik kereta baru?

Anonymous said...

wa tak sabaq mau tonton sapa kena turun kereta baru dulu...wakakakakakakakakak

-che wang happy-

mommy said...

confirm ke exora?

The Purple Cat said...

Hi, Ida.
Lena here touching base ;)