Tuesday, 19 January 2010

101 wishes to Big Bro

Auntie is still on the theme of number of blog entries. This is aunties 101st entry and today is the 42nd Birthday of Auntie's Big Bro aka Ayah aka Paklong Ami. Auntie wishes him the happiest of birthdays and may Allah grant him many many more birthdays and all his wishes.  Big Bro had a check in at IJN last year due to unsatisfactory result of a routine medical check up. It gave all a bit of scare but the angiogram result showed nothing to worry about for the moment. But it's a good thing that he went for the check. Auntie has not gone for full medical check up for some time now although auntie checks blood pressure and blood sugar every chance auntie gets (ie if auntie sees doctor for the sniffles auntie would ask doctor to check). Auntie will do it soon, Insya Allah. Paklong Ami also plans to go to Makkah for haj this year with Umi Ina. Auntie was invited to join them but since Uncle Ogabang expressed that it would be nice if he could go with Auntie but he is not ready yet (especially physically), being the good partner that auntie is, auntie thought maybe auntie will wait for Ogabang. Lagipun, auntie has just been given a big responsibility in the workplace starting this year auntie feels that maybe auntie should not take the long leave for haj this year. Auntie prays auntie and Ogabang will be able to realise our dreams of going for haj soon after Ayah and Umi will have realised theirs.

Auntie remembers Wan always telling that Ayah/ Paklong was born on the 19th day of the Syawal month in 1968. So, he was a sort of a Raya baby.  Ayah is actually the second-born but since our eldest brother was stillborn, Ayah became the eldest for us. As an adult auntie's Big Bro is a mild-mannered person but as a child he liked to pull pranks. Kak Zemah and the rest of the siblings were his 'victims' so we were always running after him screaming and trying to give him back for all the pranks. Auntie especially la coz the other two (before Mushu) were a bit younger and were mostly up to their own devices.

Ayah/ Paklong loves the guitar and Wan or Aki bought him his first kapok, I think, after he finished his form 3 SRP. Now he is reliving his guitar interests vicariously through Aiman who is being sent to guitar school.  So, hopefully, when we have our big family day soon, Paklong, Acik Din, Ogabang and Aiman will be able to put up a show to remember. Of course, auntie will be the penyebok and assume the lead singer role. All the cousins will prolly pack their bags and go home.

In any case, not to make this entry into a really long one, auntie wish Big Bro/ Ayah/ Pak Long the happiest day today and again, may Allah bless him with long, healthy and prosperous life. We had an almost impromptu celebration for him when auntie was in KL at Mommy's place last weekend and here are some pics:

 Birthday boy, Umi and kiddies

Birthday boy body double aka Ajmal the little terror. Cake was brought by Mushu and Uncle Joe.

Birthday boy and family + 1 (Qin is attached to Jijin so she has to be in)

The clan minus Uncle Joe (cameraman), Ogabang, Acik Din, CikJa, Aki and Wan.

The clan as above, minus Aiman, plus Uncle Joe

The food. At mommy's request, there was a third repeat of the roasted chickens (percik and original). This time they turned out much, much better.

There was also Auntie's famous sotong goreng tepung (hehehe)

There were only breast parts leftovers the next morning, which auntie used to make sandwich and Qin said: "Auntida, is this 'roti auntida' number 2?

In case you're wondering, this is "Roti Auntida No.1":

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Thank you for the food+birthday cake. I pun hampir lupa my own birthday.