Wednesday, 11 March 2009

20 minutes to four-zero

By the time auntie log in the blog and write the title entry, it's 18 minutes to four-zero. Well, not exactly coz auntie vaguely remembered the numbers 8.50 p.m. on auntie's birth cert, so technically, it is still about 16 hours to four-zero (in this economically declining climate, you want to stretch what you can, kan?).

So, what are auntie's last thoughts and wishes while still being 30-something? Let me see...

1) If with God's blessing auntie get to live beyond 8.50pm tomorrow, auntie thank Almighty Allah for his rahmah. Even if auntie didn't, auntie still have the same prayers.

2) Auntie's thoughts are with Auntie's friend Rosmaria, who did not get to be with the rest of auntie's school batchmates celebrating our 40th year, Insya Allah. Maria passed on May last year. Alfatihah.

3) Auntie hope in the last 30 plus years of auntie's lives auntie had not caused hurt to people around auntie. But that's not realistic. Of course, auntie have hurt people. And auntie seek forgiveness for that. Auntie hope auntie would do better in the next 40 years or so.

4) Auntie hope auntie will be a more patient person as auntie gets to be 40 (so auntie still have 7 minutes to be impatient!)

5) Auntie pray that Allah continues to grant auntie good health, wealth (not only material-wise) and wisdom (which is sometimes solely lacking)

(5 minutes to go ni...)

6) Auntie prays aunties parents live to see many more birthdays of their children and grandchildren

7) Auntie prays that if Allah grants auntie and AH long life, we will not be a burden to anyone.

8) Auntie prays for peace on earth.

9) Auntie wishes thank you to AH and aunties families and friends for what they have meant to auntie in the last 30 odd years. Looking forward to more meaningful lives together.

10) Thank you Allah.

Amin Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.


12.00 am, 12 March 2009


ms hart said...

HAPPY FABULOUS 40 dearest Ida!!! Welcome to the club!!! The more the merrier!!!

mamachupan said...

From my observation, u already had a full 40 years behind you, let's hope you get to do more in the next 40. Have a wonderful birthday Ida.. We love you!

kak juli said...

happy 40th ida...may all you wishes come true:D

Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Umur hanya nombor. Yang penting berapa banyak amalan dan kebajikan dan duit gaji telah dikumpulkan. Semoga terus menjadi Khalifah Allah yang memberi cahaya kepada semua. Selamat Hari Lahir ke 40..


AUNTIDA said...

tati, tenkiu. we can call ourselves "life beginners" now.

AUNTIDA said...

tang, tenkiu. yes, i suppose it has been a very blessed 40 years and i sure look forward to at least 40 more.

AUNTIDA said...

thanks, juli, i always try to keep my wishes within achievable range so that life can be enjoyed along the way. alhamdulillah, Allah has been kind.

AUNTIDA said...

mph aka bro 1,

yes, hanya nombor, and nasib baik kat belakang to kosong so, masih boleh kira single digit. duit gaji, insya allah terkumpul (dalam perut hehehehe). amalan dan kebajikan tu hopefully dapat diusahakan dengan jayanya.