Saturday, 28 March 2009

What were you up to when the lights were out?

Auntie thinks most people auntie knows managed to observe the 'let's turn the lights off for an hour' call tonight as part of the Earth Hour Campaign. Although there are a few people who are skeptical about the campaign eg questioning about how fleeting this observation is and whether it could significantly contributed to saving the earth if people then forget about it and continue their merry way with wasting energy. Auntie agrees with this argument to a certain extent. Hopefully people don't just take this earth hour call as a sort of fun and game only or worse, just to clear their conscience for all possible wastage they have committed. Let's hope this is a beginning or a continuous effort in our strive to help reduce the world's wastage and to guard our earth against impending destruction due to mindless usage and wastage.

Well, anyway, how did you observe earth hour? Auntie and AH decided (well, mostly auntie decided and AH gamely followed) that we should turn all the lights in the bedroom off as well as the TV and computers. But we did have the air-cond on coz both of us would have been suffocated without it (you would understand this if you ever had the privilege of seeing out room (but not likely in the near future). At the moment we do not have control over the rest of the house because we have the title-owners living with us (AH's parents, of course). But AHs's mom thought that the lights off was a government injunction, so she had followed through with it while asking to be excused (from no one in particular) from switching the alley and toilet lights because she may need to use the loo in that hour or so. AH's Tok Umi called at 7.00pm today to remind us about the lights-off, which, auntie suspects, what gave the idea to Mak that this is something that all government-fearing citizens must do. In any case, Tok Umi might have thought the same thing, which is why she promptly called all persons on her phone list to remind them about the lights off. You must also know that Tok Umi has not been able to see for a few decades now, so lights off may not really mean any change to her world but we must admire her diligence and consciousness about these things.

So, what did you do to while away the dark hour? Auntie knows of at least one person who blogs. Tak aci! Computer still emits lights! (Hehe, AH did put on the torch light from time to time to suluh auntie, just in case we crushed each other on the bed- no dirty thoughts, you folks!). Also, AH keeps whining why we have to do this while other people do not seem to be observing it (because we could still see lights coming into our room from outside). Why only now he wants to do what other people do, auntie wants to ask?!

Anyway, while the lights are out, auntie was thinking of this song (or part of it):

Close the window
Calm the light
And it will be alright
No need to bother now
Let it out
Let it all begin
Learn how to pretend

Romantic je bunyi nya. But of course nothing of the sort happens for us. Other things that DID NOT happen with us during the lights out are:

1. Baby making. Hehehe. At our age, and with our dispositions, we don't think we can attempt this in an hour. Too much pressure. Kalau nak tau, our mukaddimamah ie AH having to 'risik2' and auntie having to decide whether to agree to the act may take half of that hour. (Ok, sape tak nak dengar or imagine tak tentu arah or nak termuntah, sila switch ke blog mamachupan, or better still, blog shasha yg berkapang tu)

2. A quickie? (Hehe. Same as above).

3. Talked about our life plans. We ended up mostly talking about politics (and mostly about how it sucks).

4. Make plans about what to cook tomorrow. Although we did come to an agreement that we may have breakfast at Pak Wan's in the morning.

5. Sleep. No, despite a lack of passionately romantic activities, we did do our version of romancing the spouse. Bini urut laki, laki urut bini.

Shall we attempt another lights off next Saturday? Definitely, maybe!

Good night, everyone. May Allah bless you with His wisdom and peace in times of darkness.

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mamachupan said...

Ida, I think its not so much to switch off light sebab nak save energy for that one hour but its more to show the spirit and the unity.. In fact dekat website WWF, they did asked us to blog about our experience, although may be not necessarily during the earth hourlah.. Hopefully once people do something easy, like switching off the light for one hour, then people are more willing to do something harder in the future, like serious recycling.