Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dawn of another year

Auntie realises auntie's blog entry has been sporadic in the last year or so. Tomorrow will be exactly 2 years since auntie decided to respond to sleepyhead's tag by starting a blog.  When auntie started, auntie was undecided whether the blog should be purely personal and family-related or would include more serious 'semi-critical' ponderings (like comments on general happenings in the country or in the world, taking into account auntie's knowledge about them through auntie's profession). But auntie thinks what has transpired has been more of the former and very little of the latter but auntie is happy for how the blog has developed. The more serious stuff auntie will keep for more professional avenues rather than the blog. Let this blog be for purely mundane but meaningful journal of life closer to home.

One of auntie's secret hopes through the blog is also that it provides a kind of 'memory' for auntie's family and friends about things and events that went on in our lives. This is, hopefully, especially for auntie's younger 'kiddies'. When they are a bit older, they may just go through the archives of this blog (hopefully these will be available for many, many yrs to come) to 'revisit' some of the moments they went through with family members that they might not remember as children.

Let's look at what has gone on in auntie's life since the last entry.  There was the most fleeting period of despair earlier this month but just as it came so fleetingly, so was the swiftness with which it was gone. It may have come about from many stressful factors at work and a sense of inability to control auntie's surroundings at that particular moment. But with some good sleep, auntie was able to see things differently in the morning. 

Post-raya (aidilftri) had been extremely busy months for auntie. Many travels, way too many meetings and preparation of copious paperwork at work. But there were many good things as well, professional-wise.  Research work is going reasonably well, some work has been accepted for publication and auntie managed to contribute constructively to community advocacy. But more importantly, auntie sensed friendships are getting tighter and family ties are getting closer. Times with badak gang continued to be meaningful but it was also time when new friendships are established (mostly through FB) and much older friendships were rekindled (auntie was surprised by e-mails from very good friends from primary school).  Family get-togethers were more frequent and better-planned. There were some very sad events like dearest people being taken away from us and some scares like Aki and Wan's more frequent 'visits' to hospitals and dear brother being admitted into IJN but Alhamdulillah, things are uneventful, in general.

To end 2009, more get-togethers were and are being planned. The latest was Wan and Aki's and the siblings visit to Penang during the Awwal Muharram long weekend break. Let the pictures speak for the fun had (pictures courtesy of sleepyhead from her FB- pandai tak auntie curi?):

 Percik and black pepper roasters on a bed of potato galletes. Slightly undercooked by Pak Long Ami's standard so back into the oven they go for another 20 minutes

These are stuffed 'original' roasters. Ingredients by auntie. assembled by mushu aka maksu aka sleepyhead

 One roaster chicken for a correct guest of what's in there!

 The 'too little' coleslaw. Auntie didn't have time to grate more of the veges and didn't think many people would be interested in this dish.
The entertainment was provided by the LOS BONCITOS (also name coined by sleepyhead):

 The 2 bonchitos tuning the guitars while the third playing paparazzi for a moment. The senior paparazzi is at the back.

Bonchito 2 (in white): "I need a smoke!"
Bonchito 1(in greyish green): "Wait la, i look for song we have breath to sing"
Bonchito 3 (in black): "This chord i nocet learn one..."
  (Senior paparazzi is soooo dedicated)

The picture has to be taken this way. You wouldn't one to see their front view!

Laa, baru nak belajar ke?

The next day auntie played tourist guide:

 Little and big kiddies enjoyed their trip to P.Ramlee's house.

Cucu and Aki- the duo-paparazzi

Lunch at Pen Mutiara. As you can see auntie was not dressed for a lunch out. So jongos!

So-so food at Pen Mutiara but ambiance was good. The clan was not into fish head so we got fish curry instead. Auntie rasa sotong goreng tepung auntie lagi cun kot...

Auntie hopes the holidays have been most restive for at least the two happy couples:




It's a pity Mommy, Daddy, Shasha and Qin could not join us. Mommy and Daddy were preparing for Umrah trip on the 24th December till 5th January (Selamat beribadat dan mendapat umrah yg mabrur!). SO, LET'S DO THIS PENANG SOJOURN AGAIN NEXT YEAR, PLEASE.

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