Thursday, 10 December 2009

A moment of quiet despair

Some times you just want to go far away from everyone and be really, really alone. The feeling may go away in 5 minutes or an hour but it pulls you down into a quiet despair.

Bismillahillazi laa yadhurru ma'asmihi syai'un fil ardhi walaa fissama'i wahuwasaami'ul 'alim.


ms hart said...


(shhh....quiet, quiet...but hope that brings a smile to someone....;-)

AUNTIDA said...

tati, thank you,dear. indeed, i'm smiling. as it was the feeling was fleeting and went off after a good sleep and some doa.

mamachupan said...

Ida, u want to be alone?? Lain kali call I..hehehe..