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marathon posts to new year3- shasha's khatam quran

20th November  was Shasha's Khatam Quran. Families up to 3 generations attended the khatam and kenduri after that at Majid Al-Ghufran Taman Tun.  Shasha requested ancient Greek headgear to be worn for head cover during khatam. Mommy had to comb Jln TAR looking for suitable substitutes that satisfied Shasha. The preparation was akin to a small akad nikah but Auntie was very happy to help. Auntie remembered auntie's khatam in 1978. Auntie and Pak Long Ami were the 'graduates'. Actually masa auntie khatam tu auntie was a few pages short of actually completing the Quran but the ceremony had to take place since Pak Long Ami was to be 'slaughtered' (hehehe) after that. It was the school holidays. So, Aki and Wan decided that since Auntie memang terra baca Quran (hehehe, perasan!), auntie for sure could complete the few pages on my own without any further help. Lagipun, masa auntie belajar Quran ngan ustazah tu pun, most of the time auntie baca sendiri jek and dia dengar while ajar-ing the other kids. No malice intended on the ustazah but auntie sometimes felf very unhappy maca pi mengaji coz kena baca sorang2 and did not get proper instruction. Part-part yg ustazah tak dengar maybe salah baca ke, mana la tau. Sometimes when auntie came early to mengaji in the hope that ustazah would give me attention, she would be bz doing other things like making breakfast for her children, lipat kain or other things in the kitchen. dia suruh auntie baca sendiri gak in the lounge while she listened from the kitchen.  Auntie rasa auntie pandai baca Quran sbb before Aki and Wan sent to the Ustazah, Wan taught us to mengaji. Wan had been an effective teacher, rotan and cubitan notwithstanding (autie remember sometimes menangis teresak2 kena cubit sbb lambat nak dok mengaji or mengaji sambil lewa). Which is why she is still very successful with all her 'murid tua' now.  Uncle AH also had bad experience with Ustazah mengaji. And since he was a bit Quranic-dyslexic (hehehe), and did not have help before that like auntie had with Wan and Aki, he only ended up hafal- ing the quran and not really understanding the tajwid etc. So, to parents out there, kalau kita confident dgn our own ability to mengaji, baik ajar sendiri anak2 kita and at our children's own pace. Kalau no choice, make sure kita check up jugak on the children's mengaji lessons. And auntie harap these days takde lagi la ustaz or ustazah yg buat perkara tak semenggah spt auntie sebut tadi. Tak berkat tau kerja camtu!

Anyways, masa auntie khatam, auntie pakai kurung songket kepunyaan Wan. Songket tu Wan pakai masa wedding dia 13 yrs before. Auntie was barely able to get into the kurung so Wan had to unpick a bit. That shows how slim Wan was at 29 yrs old. Anak2 dia (at least Auntie la) hampeh! After the khatam, the songket went back to the closet. Nanti auntie nak tanya Wan ada lagi tak.

Shasha was all decked in purple for her khatam. The mosque is a modern one that utilise most areas as Islamic centre and not just purely for sembahyang. Auntie remembered a colleague who about 15 yrs ago proposed to study for his PhD the utilisation of mosque in such a way to emulate such use during the Rasulullah's Madinah's governance.  Whatever happens to that proposed study. But in any case, Malaysian Muslims are very slow to take this kind of progressive stance and are still bickering about what sort of carpets to use for new mosques and whether women should pray upstairs or downstairs (which is also another issue that has not taken into account many sociological considerations).

Ok lah. This entry is getting way to long. (Macam mana auntie nak achieve 100 entries before end of the year ni?). Let's look at pictures:

Shasha practicing

Moral support from Mommy

Qin is supposed to be the kipas girl  but after 20 minutes of sitting still, all thoughts of giving kakak moral support goes down the drain, especially because cousins faris' and maisara's company was so enticing.

Bunga telur courtesy of Mak Uda. The telur is homemade telur pindang.

Shasha was so nervous and practiced diligently. She did great. Despite traces of American accent!

Qin was about to flee the scene.

Preliminary speech by Daddy. A rare sight.

Tokki De (second from left), Wan Cik Ne (not in pic) and Tok Ayah Zie came all the way from Kuantan and Temerloh respectively. Wan was so elated. Tok Chu and family couldn't make it coz they had to attend another function.  Beside Daddy is Shasha's Ustaz who could have been seen regularly on TV when they show the Raya takbir this year. Ustaz did a one-to-one Quran teaching for Shasha. Now Ustaz is teaching Qin and Qin's friend Aleesha. Qin once asked Mommy: "Is Rasulullah a pirate?" An aghast Mommy asked back: "Why do you say that, Qin?". Qin: "Ustaz said he's a Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate, Mommy". So, ustaz kena review sikit syllabus for contemporary five year olds, ya?

CONGRATULATIONS, SHASHA. YOU DID A SPLENDID JOB. And may Quran continue to become your companion in its essence and spirit.

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