Thursday, 31 December 2009

marathon posts to new year4- good people at work

Auntie nak tunjuk gambar the a few of the good people at the office who have made auntie's work throughout the year (and since 4 or 5 yrs or so ago) much more successful and meaningful. Thank you, guys!

In purple is Ija, the 'office admin boss'. All institutional rules and procedures are at the tips of her fingers. Next to me on the other side is Dr Hamimadona, a good friend and unofficial university songbird. Beside her is Marina, a long-serving staff who was a pioneer of the centre. She was there at the inception of the centre and has served under at least 4 Directors.

The front-most on both sides are Husna (in green) and Shila. Husna is the IT officer in our centre and is married to a former staff, EJ. She has delivered a baby girl and is now on maternity leave.  Shila is the Director's PA but also doubled up many other things at the office. This is the nature of the work of the staff at the office. And they are very selfless at it. Kudos to them. This work environment may also have come from our general approach to managing the centre. At the risk of sounding too complimentary of the boss, Auntie thinks the current Director has managed somehow to create an ambiance of friendly professionalism at the office. Staff are close-knit but highly professional.

Ariffin, one of the latest addition to the office 'family' recently got married. Here are some pictures of the wedding.

 Auntie and Ariffin on his wedding. His newly-wed bride was in the changing room, changing for next photo session.
It takes a man (especially in Malaysia) who is secure with himself to be able to work in an institution teemed with women and headed by strong, intelligent women. So far, Ariffin has proved he could do it very well.

Wan Teng, one of two new academic staff members. WT hails from Melaka.

Auntie would find any excuse to bake. Here are some brownie slices (topped with butter cream and almonds) as a gift for Ariffin and bride.

Card designed by AH.

Many other staff members equally contributed to the success of the centre. Auntie don't have their pictures. May they continue to feel at home at the centre and work with a sense of partnership rather than merely fulfilling job specifications.

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