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marathon posts to new year1- qin the 5yrold sweet miss

Auntie's last entry was auntie's 90th post for this blog and it was posted a day before the 2nd birthday of auntie's blog. It doesn't mean a thing but saja je auntie nak mention. Auntie teringin jugak nak mencapai 100 entries so what auntie is going to do is to try post 10 entries before the year ends. Caranya ialah dgn menyorot some of 2009 events and happennings yg auntie did not get the chance to blog abt before. These entries will be full of pictures, so be warned! Entries will not follow chronological order of events.

First 'review-post' is about little Qin's birthday. Qin was five on the 18th of November this year. We didn't have special birthday party for Qin this year but the celebration coincided with Kakak's aka Shasha's khatam Quran (this event coming up in next post). Qin is auntie's fifth 'baby'/ kiddie after Along (Ya), Aiman, Shasha & Jijin. Ajmal is the sixth. Each of them has a special place in auntie's heart. And each of them is special in their quirks and perangai and the way they relate to auntie.

 Qin and Mommy

 Qin the fashion model

Qin was born in St Louis, Missouri while Mommy was finishing her PhD. Mommy is a planner, so she planned to conceive Qin just a year before she expected to graduate with her doctoral degree. By this time Kakak was already about 7 or 8 yrs old.  Auntie got married while Mommy was about 6 months pregnant with Qin. Mommy actually planned to come back home to Malaysia for auntie's wedding but about 3 months into her pregnancy, she was bedridden due to bleeding (auntie tak ingat apa medical condition dia) so the plan didn't materialise. But Mommy safely and quite easily delivered Qin 3 months after auntie's wedding.  Mommy got her PhD early 2005 and came back to Malaysia with a doctoral degree and a new baby. Qin actually attended Mommy's graduation day at the uni and was admired for her dark, bushy hair.  When Qin came back home to Malaysia, she was just in time for Mushu's wedding and it was decided that Qin's 'cukur rambut' kenduri will be done during the wedding as well.

 Qin, the baker

Qin and Kakak decorating cupcakes

Qin is a friendly baby and toddler. She just gravitated towards auntie easily. And even when time separates us (ie when auntie could not come down to KL to visit too often), Qin would call auntie just to say hello (by either pestering mommy or kakak to do it for her). Mommy must have taught her auntie's speed dial now coz she sometimes would call auntie without mommy's knowledge. Qin is an amicable, diplomatic toddler. She would say something like "Mommy, you cook nice, but i just lurvvvv auntie ida's cupcakes..." or some stuff like that (according to Mommy).  But Qin would also say things like "Mommy, auntie Ida could not have baked the cakes without me. She needed me to beat the eggs." Such self-confidence!

Qin likes to talk on the phone with Uncle Zach coz uncle Zach 'has' Alvin the cat who would speak to Qin when Qin called Uncle Zach. Qin also admired Uncle Zach for his knowledge about fish (coz Qin had Lola the gold fish- auntie wondered what happened to Lola now). One day, Mommy tanya Qin after Qin keep calling Auntie Ida: "Qin call auntie Ida because Auntie Ida fish doctor ke?". Qin laughed and said: "Mommy ni kelakar lah. Bukan auntie Ida la.. Uncle Zach...[yg fish doctor]!" There are many more such conversations with Qin.

Qin and Auntie (in one of auntie's favorite moments with Qin)

Oklah, remembering Qin's birthday, Auntie wishes her the best of being a five-yr-old. May Qin grow up to be as good-natured as she is now, as intelligent and as talented.  May Qin also be a conscientous Muslimah and world citizen. May Allah protect her from life's hardships but make her emphatetic to hardships of others. May Qin continue to give joy to family and friends around her. Amin.

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