Thursday, 31 December 2009

marathon posts to new year8- new year, new title, same old responsibilities

Auntie has been doing the job of a person that should have the title TP at auntie's centre. When the centre was first established, auntie was in fact the TP but later on the position had to be 'frozen' because there were some technical arguments that a centre like auntie's place of work is not entitled to a TP, only a P. In the last two years, however, the centre has progressed by leaps and bounds and the P has been arguing to the uni governance to reinstate the position of TP. After relentless 'pestering' and evidence of centre's viability the powers that be has now granted the P's request. So, in about 5 minutes time, auntie will again be officially appointed as the TP, with modest fringe benefits. Auntie had been happy doing the work for the centre but this icing on the cake gives that much more motivation. Congratulations also to badak Samantha for being appointed TD, also enforceable in about 5 minutes time.

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