Thursday, 31 December 2009

marathon posts to new year2- uncle joe's birthday

On 20th May this year Uncle Joe celebrated his 32nd birthday. Mudanya! Uncle Joe is a year older than Mushu. When Mushu was born Auntie was 9 yrs old. Auntie contributed towards Mushu's diaper change when she was a baby and also cleaning what's need cleaning when a toddler poo-ed when Mushu was a toddler. But this post was supposed to be about Uncle Joe's birthday, so Happy (Belated Now!) Birthday, Joe! Coincidentally (Not Really!) 20th May was also Uncle Joe's and Mushu's anniversary. 4 yrs this year. Auntie was down in Shah Alam on the date and was able to join the siblings in celebrating the events. No pictures of the couple was taken but only of food served. Here they are:

Good intention

 Bad addition

So susah to upload gambar. Ada a couple lagi of the food served tapi since it takes too much time, Auntie leave you guys with the two only.

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