Friday, 4 April 2008

Auntie and the brood

In English (at least, British English), there is a word used for women when they are suddenly worried about the ticking of their biological clocks or when wherever they go, it seems to them that everyone has got a baby or a child in his/her arms. It's called BROODY. Broodiness signifies the time of the month/ year when you looooong to be a 'love-slave' to a tiny, helpless human being that prolly weighs little more than your Notebook PC when it was born but makes much more unpleasant noise and expresses its opinion through loud, shrilling yell. Plus, unlike with PC Notebook where you can call a technician, with these tiny creature, you literally have to deal with their crAp when the time call for it.

Well, auntie is not exactly broody today. Maybe 10%. Maybe it's watching that episode on Grey's Anatomy last night where Addison is losing her last chance of having a baby (and she's only 38 on the show!) and also visiting Hafiz's new baby on Wednesday and also talking to Kak Puteh the cab driver yesterday about saving other people's babies by adopting them (she had three such babies- well two of them are now teenagers). And also maybe because auntie was sorting out pictures of kiddies in the family.

Anyways, these are some of the pictures of those precious human beings in auntie's live, whose crAp auntie had dealt with at one time or another:

Shaheera aka Ya aka Along.
Memorable moment from Ya:

(Upon arrival at Wan's house from KL and complaining of being hungry)
Ayah tak singgah makan ke tengah jalan tadi (as in, on the way here)?

Tak, dia singgah TEPI jalan jek...

Seperti auntie, Ya berminat dalam jahit menjahit. Baking membaking tak sure plak.

The following photo is of Aiman:

For a long time, Aiman was the single thorn amongst the roses that are auntie's kiddies. Now, of course, he has Ajmal as a companion. Masa kecik2 dulu Man sentiasa tanya Ayah, "bila Ayah nak kaya?" coz dia nak suruh Ayah tukar kereta. Masa kereta Perdana baru keluar Man telah gunting logo Perdana dari suratkhabar dan tampal pada logo kereta Wira Ayah. Kawan2 Ayah ingatkan Ayah so desperate for Perdana sampai sanggup pakai logo tiruan.

Auntie tak banyak digital photos of Aiman and Ya. This one is of the three siblings (inc Jijin- see below for Jijin's tributes) on auntie's wedding day, ages ago.

Man is in red. The loudest of them all when Tuk Mudim did the 'chopping'.

This is Shasha:

Full name Puteri Aisha Nabila. Shasha wants to be a lot of things when she grows up but they must be something to do with writing, drawing and creating/ building things. And she loves animals. Also she adores her little sister (see group pics below).

Shasha is also a constant worrier. She worries about all things that happen around her like what would happen to that person who parked his car wrongly in the slot. Would the police come and get him? What will happen to his kids if he goes to jail?

When Shasha was about five, auntie visited her in the US and shared her room. One day masa auntie pakai baju dia komen pasal auntie's b--bs yg agak heavy tu. So dia kata, "Auntie Ida, do you know how to make them smaller?" "How, Sha?". "You should do like Mommy. She got a Daddy, then she got me as a baby. When babies drink from those things, they [she meant the b--bs, not the babies, of course] will get smaller". Of course now, auntie has a "Daddy" but still no Baby so the blasted things are getting bigger. Oooops, no x-rated pun intended!

Noor Shakirin.
Named after at least two mosques frequented by Ayah and Umi. Both mosques are near famous shopping places in KL (it just tells you their favorite activities masa mengandung budak ni). More famously know as JIJIN. Masa auntie mula berkenalan ngan uncle AH, dia telah terkejut bila auntie kata ada niece nama Jijin. Dia kata, ada tak yg nama Dracula? Actually, that is her preferred name. She's been called other names like Reen, or Shakirin but she keeps refering to herself as Jijin so it stays.

In auntie's observation Jijin is quite a decisive person and a free-spirit. She knows what or whom she likes. Eg, when everyone else likes Mawi on AF3, she likes Amylia. Also, although Jijin is very intelligent, she didn't think very much of school. When she was younger, bila orang tanya nak pi sekolah tak, dia kata tak nak. Bila orang tanya kenapa, dia kata, "Jamil tu pergi sekolah, tak pandai-pandai pun". Lagipun sekolah takde TV. Of course now auntie believes she diligently goes to school and enjoys most activities there.

This is Arysaa Rizqin. At this age, Shasha called her Chubs.
Now she's more famously know as Ichkin or Qin, for short. She's the current terror-toddler (followed closely by Ajmal).

Whenever auntie comes to visit and then auntie goes home, for a few days Qin will be calling and calling auntie. She's prolly a bit unsure why this auntie woman is sometime with her and sometime not. Qin is happiest when people call her Princess Analese.

This little terror is trailing behind Qin. He's Ajmal Szarith (betul ke eja tu?). So far, auntie belum ada chance to interact properly with Ajmal coz its been some time since auntie sees the kiddies and you know how fast babies grow. Ajmal celebrated his 2nd birthday early last month but auntie could not attend. Auntie dengar dari Mushu aka Sleepyhead, Ajmal dan boleh cakap sket2. But even without his speech ability he's already a force to reckon with. So active and tak larat orang nak kejar.

Ni masa Ajmal was still all wrinkled and mengelupas.

It takes no time for him to develop into a cutie.

Actually all of Ajmal's siblings look like this when they were this age, sometimes it's difficult to remember which picture is of whom.

The girls

The girls on Mushu's wedding

All wearing baju kurung yg auntie jahit

All kiddies minus Ajmal, with Aki

Auntie and two kiddies

See how Shasha adores her little sister

The slumberous duo.

And this is a picture of the first little human being whose crAp auntie basuh:



ms hart said...

auntida, you are soooooooo la loving! Would u adopt me as your niece? kuang kuang kuang

Mentari, Hujan dan Pelangi said...

Looking at those pictures, feel as if we were approacing the same path that our parents went through. It is nice to look back at what we have done in the 70s and 80s when were still at school. Living under the same roof. Listening to the same sermon everyday. But I don't feel regret but syukur to Allah for His blessings.