Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wan and Jijin- a very, very belated birthday

Auntie is sooo bogged down with deadlines auntie temporarily forgets the birthdays of two very important people this month.

On the 7th of April, Wan became 72. On 12th of April (last Saturday), auntie's baby, Jijin, was 7. No big family celebration this year, though Jijin had an unplanned one (see Ayah's blog). I think everyone was busy even to drop Wan a wish or two. Poor Wan. Not even flowers this year, unless Mommy did remember wishing and sending flowers? Auntie totally forgot till today.

Auntie remember two years ago we had quite a do for Wan's 70th birthday. Auntie still has some pictures (see pictures below). We also celebrated Jijin's birthday together with Wan's that year.

Here's Jijin with Wan and the cakes. Aki and Shasha looking on:

The green cake belongs to Nan, our cousin who had his birthday in the same month so he was included in the almost impromptu celebration. Nan was 13th then.

Prior to the cake cutting there was a semi-formal speech and tribute session. Ayah took on the role of MC and spokesperson for the bro and sis:

No sweat at all for him since he must have done this so many times in his line of work. Of course he may want to learn a thing or two from the veteran PTD officer, seated in red...NOT!

Here's the tear-wrenching event...

Sleepyhead is the designated poem reciter. Poem specially dedicated for dear, beloved Wan, written by, who else...yours truly! All in five minutes and on scraps of tesco receipts, if I recall (maybe later transferred by Sleepyhead onto a more berjurus paper). Sleepyhead! Where is that poem now? It's sooo rugi if it is lost coz auntie could not remember a word of it now. For what it's worth, it did reduce a few people to tears on that day.

Here's Wan's cake:

And Jijin's, specially baked and decorated by Mak Faridah (tangan gemuk pasang lilin tu, of course, tangan auntie):

Jijin with Wan again:

Jijin with all the prezzies. Sorry, baby, this year's prezzie is going to be a bit late.
Sharing the moments with Along and Man.

And with Umi and the rest of the gang...

As we are looking at less than new family pictures, here are a few more...

Wan and latest cucu, Ajmal

The kiddies, all featuring Jijin, the belated birthday girl...

May Allah give us many, many more years with Wan and may Allah protect our Jijin in His tender care, always. Amin.

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