Thursday, 24 April 2008

A very short messsage for Mommy

Auntie is going crazy with work so auntie is only going to give Mommy a short message and hoping she reads auntie's blog from ole and surely blustery London.

If Mommy wants to gift (sic) auntie with books, here are the options according to the order of what auntie wants most:

Selves, Persons, Individuals: Philosophical Perspectives on Women and Legal ...
By Janice Richardson

Legal Feminism: Activism, Lawyering, and Legal Theory
By Ann Scales

If Mommy can buy all four for auntie, auntie will reimburse on the ones that Mommy does not consider gifts for auntie and auntie will be eternally grateful.

Enjoy the rest of the days in London and hope Mommy is not thinking too much about how she misses her two girls back home.

Yang mengharap,

1 comment:

getoffmyface said...

Ida .. gue nak bagi lu present buku tapi sampai nak masuk birthday lagi satu tak terbeli-beli, wa can reimburse as present for the book yang tak diconsider present of mommy .....
or shall we get it from amazon bookshop??/