Saturday, 26 April 2008

More message for Mommy and Auntie's general updates

Auntie just have this weekend to breathe a bit coz the next few weekends auntie will be working. Tu pun pagi-pagi bangun AH dah kata "nak buat American breakfast untuk Abang?" To AH, apa2 yg ada telur, sausage and bread is American breakfast walaupong telur tu asal dari kedai Ah Huat, bread dari British-based TESCO dan sausage is either Ramly or Ayamas. And it is still American breakfast to him walaupun makan pada pukui 11 malam. Of course jawapan auntie kepada soalan AH ialah, "penat la, bangggg................." Pastu dia akan kata, kalau Sleepyhead or Mommy or the kiddies or psychomama or Samantha or Nyonya etc request, sure auntie akan terus jump and say "ok, with or without chips?". Just shows how he ranked in auntie's life, he would say, pout, pout. OK la, mai pi makan kueteow Pak Wan. Yeaay!


Anyways, talking about American breakfast, auntie nak tambah pesanan auntie to Mommy in hopefully warmer London (hey, check out, it appears that ada sleet kat Penang on Thursday!). If Mommy scroll back to auntie's entry about NOT going to London, ada hint kat situ. Tapi utk menyenangkan Mommy, auntie bagi tau la. Jgn lupa English muffins and crumpets for auntie. Tak kisah la from tesco ke, sainsburys ke mana ke. So, Mommy, before packing on the last day in London, go hunt for auntie's English muffins and crumpets, k?

BTW, auntie sudah get hold of Raymond, our soon-to-be lembut Eurasian (as in portugese- serani, kat Penang depa dipanggil Eurasian) designer-contractor for minor renovations with our apartments. Hopefully, we can set an appointment soon. Bad side of purchasing a property, on Monday auntie will have to pay the bulk of the legal fees. Sad thought, indeed. Tapi yg best, hopefully auntie will soon get back my small deposit on the purchase.

Also, following suit in the footsteps of Sleepyhead and Bro1, auntie is now the proud half-owner of a set of sofa. The other half ownership still belongs to the 88Furniture Shop (yep, that's the name of the shop) because auntie only put a deposit on it to book a sale price and then will only pay for it in full in June when it is delivered (hopefully after renovation finishes).

Hari tu AH bengang ngan auntie coz dia sebenaqnya suka our present lantai but auntie insisted on wood flooring for 75% of the floor. Tapi sleepyhead and umi ina kata, awat nak lantai wood coz present lantai dah cantik. Now auntie bagitau kat AH, kita buat wood flooring in bedroom and lounge only la coz the two sisters said lantai dah cantik. AH kata, itulah yg dia dok bagitau auntie tapi auntie tak nak dengar. Tup2 duorang ni cakap, terus auntie jump and tukar decision. Where's de partnership in this, he asked? Hehehehe. Solly la dahling. Nanti ida bagi abg buat dealing ngan Raymond, OK? Dia sure suka abang yg ala2 hensem tu.

Cakap pasai orang lembut, semalam auntie sms our long-term car insurance/ road tax lembut agent, Sam (hehehe, what a coincidence with the Sam from 2+1 sit-com long time ago, which will only be remembered by people born before 1980). Tiap2 tahun since we bought our car, Sam's been doing this for us. Very efficient and good service. Auntie just called, tunggu kat opis and give all necessary documents and money, and presto, 3-4 days later siap and delivered in person to office. Thank God for people like Sam. Bukan macam airport taxi driver last night yg so rude and bengong (but this is an entry for my other shared and less-known idiot ranting blog).

OK, AH dah suruh mandi nak pi makan kueteow Pak Wan.



mommy said...

actually i called to ask what to buy in london. tiap2 hari pergi shopping area and could not think... bila pegang one item, mesti letak balik cause kat kl ada benda2 tu and prolly cheaper

anyway, will shop for food right before balik. harrods is just 5 mins walk from apt. so will go to harrods bakery right before balik.

ms hart said...

Ida, tang half-owner tu sungguhlah familiar nya!!! ha ha ha...Hey, cakap kat AH, jangan gundah gulana, husband kengkawan wife dia pun 'suffer' the same maaaa....he he he