Monday, 14 April 2008

Making yourself heard

Looks like one of auntie's babies is having bad days these days. This is what Mommy has reported:
there's something that is not going right with ichqin aka qin (aryssa rizqin)...

i could not put my finger on it yet ..

daddy thinks its the "mid-life crisis" of a toddler,

hey, moving from two to three and later the big four - it is definitely a big step..

i think she is probably assuming her "terrible or troublesome three" role from the "terrific two"

after all, in four days time, she will be three years and five months - right smack in the middle of bein a three year old.

we are not sure whether she will end up being a "fantastic four" or "fearless four"

it begins friday night when i came back

you can feel the sombre mood in the house as you entered

shasha was frowning as she continued to do the homework when i kiss her forehead

and there you see qin in a corner doing her stuff, with her shoulder defiant -

i know there's something wrong, cause the moment she saw me, she told me that she scolded esah (the maid) and kakak

apparently she squashed and threw the birthday present shasha aka kakak prepared for her best friend and that causes the commotion

it does not stop there. the whole weekend, qin was poking kakak, throwing stuff at kakak and daddy, hit daddy several time on the face and...get this,

qin actually snapped at me on saturday night when i tried to coax her to come to bed. she was watching dora, she did not even look at me, she raise her hand with her finger pointing at me and said sternly "mommy, jangan usik qin"!

it was a weekend full of drama. life is so tiring with qin on the rage...

hopefully this week is a better week.

and yes, one last little detail, i did told her that i will be going to london and she has to switch "ketiak" - she has been sleeping "bawah ketiak mommy" everynight, to the point we call her "qin underarms" (vs. carrie underwood) - that could possibly be the reason for all the rage...

Or maybe she just needs to be heard. It's sometimes tough living in a baby's/ toddler's world where whenever you have something mind-blowing to let out, like how come I can't go into the TV and dance with my Prince Charming, all the adults could think of is that you need milk or roti canai (Qin's fav food).

Anyways, auntie is praying Qin will be alright especially when Mommy leaves for London this Saturday for two weeks. May Kakak's perpetual loves and patience towards Qin makes her missing Mommy a bit bearable. Sorry auntie's plans to go stay with Mommy in London and in so doing, would have been able to bring Qin along, will not materialise due to all sorts of shortages, most of all of the pounds and pence kind. Also, auntie prays that, as Qin gets older, she becomes more tolerant of people around her.

Qin in her younger days, with Kakak:

Incidentally, this is a picture of Qin in Mommy's previously new closet:

The reason that auntie post this picture is because it just might be the case that Qin has a thing for closet. When Qin was about 8 or 9 months, and the family came to visit auntie and Uncle AH, Mommy and Daddy had to go out with auntie to do some work, so Uncle AH gamely agreed to look after the two kiddies. According to Uncle AH, after sometime Qin got bored golek2 atas katil with Kakak and started to make her boredom known loud and clear to Uncle AH. Not having had the experience of looking after a baby all by his lonesome self for more than 5 minutes, Uncle AH was at a loss of what to do, so he carried Qin around, but still, there's no let up on the boredom-volume. Uncle AH then opened auntie's half empty closet and perched Qin on one of the yet-to-be-filled shelves. Lo and behold Qin stopped bawling and was instantly chuckling. When Mommy came back Qin was the all-time contented baby.

Uncle AH would like to assure Mommy all care had been taken to ensure no possible accident could have happened in that stunt.

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mommy said...

kih kih kih

she is definitely literally a closet person. she is forever in daddy's closet day dreaming and play acting...

tq for posting this auntie, may be one day when qin is big, she can read this (replacing the scrap book that mommy failed to update for the last 3 years!)